Weird To Not Have Period After Going Off BC

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shishy - February 19

Heres the story. I had my annual appt. scheduled for before i ran out of BC pills. then the appt. was rescheduled, so i though I would take my last three pills every other day so I wouldnt start my period, but I did anyway. so then had to reschedule again, then ran out or BC pills. I like not being on them, so after I finally went to the appt. I decided to not go back on them. We are only using condoms. My last period started Jan 20. And im thinking it should have started already or real soon. My question, is it normal for women to not have periods or even late periods because their body is adjusting to being off BC pill? I suppose we could be pregnant because we used withdrawl method for a few times. But who knows if I even ovulated this month, just being off the BC. Any input would be appreciated. sorry if it was confusing and long.


LN030905 - February 19

When I was contemplating going off the pill my DR told me if you miss two pills, you *should* ovulate..that is why they say if you miss two days to use a back up method! BUT, it is TOTALLY normal to be irregular for a few months after going off the pill. I have read that if wanting to go off bc and begin trying to get pregnant, you should go off for at least 3 months so that your body can regulate. Some women get pregnant ON the pill so anything can happen, though! My cousins wife just went off the pill and 3 weeks later she found out she was Everyones bodys are different, but just know that it is not crazy that you havent started yet!


Naomi98 - February 19

It could still be on it's way, you're not too late yet. Do you know how long your cycles were before you went on b/c? My period came on time after I went off b/c but for others it takes a few months to regulate. Anyway, if I was you, I'd wait a few more days and if still no af, take a home pregnancy test.


hope4+ - February 19

i started having preggo symptoms a couple weeks ago, so I stopped my bc and now i have one day spotting, one day kinda period like, and now nothing and my period isn't due till next week.


shishy - February 20

Thanks for the input. I cant really remember what my cycles used to be like, its been 3 years on BC. They were very regular though. I guess I kinda was wondering because I had some very light spotting a bit ago. Sorry for the gross info, but after I spotted, like a week later I had a big glob of ewcm with a streak of blood it it. Then that was it. Maybe thats when I ovulated. So I guess its just the waiting game for me, like everyone else. Thanks again.


shishy - February 20

any thoughts on the spotting?


brads wifey - February 20

Hi shishy! I was on b/c for 3 years just like you. If your last period was Jan 20 then you are due around today. I got off of the pill July 07 and had 3 normal periods but since october, my periods have been coming every other month (which sucks when you are ttc). It takes awhile for your body to get back to normal .. my doctor said it should take around 6 months. I've heard of people who didn't have a period for a couple months after coming off of b/c. It throws your body all out of wack! I wouldn't stress ... it should be coming soon. If you don't start in a week or so, take a test. Good luck and hope that helps some :)


brads wifey - February 20

oh and the spotting could have been O spotting or maybe breakthrough bleeding. sorry I don't have a better answer


Tiggy - February 24

Hi there, I just wanted to give you some advice. I went off the pill in July but was trying to take them continiously to stop my period for my wedding and honeymoon and it sure fought me on the honeymoon and I was spotting and kept doubling the pills to stop the bleeding but not avail. so the next week I let my period come full force and then had a regular cycle the next month, but then didn't have a period for 4 months!! I thought I was PG but negative tests. I had an ultrasound done and no baby so the dr gave me progesterone to trigger my missing period and it came and I have been back on track since. If your not PG then talk to your DR about it and get your cycles on track. Good luck!!



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