Weird Uterine Movements

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Jennie - March 9

My LMP started around dec 10. Up until feb 8th I have been getting BPN's. But I only tested 3 times. One test was expired, I had purchased it from the 99 cent store. Just today I started to feel weird movements. At first I thought that I was imagining things, but it happened three times today. If I were pregnant, would i feel movement this early?


Jennie - March 9

The movement is below my bikini line. Sometimes it feels like a light tapping, and other times it feels like bubbles floating to the inside of my belly and landing against my belly wall. Feb 9th I has some intense cramping and it felt like AF was definately there, but when I ran to the ladys room with a tampon, there was nothing but clear discharge. Could egg have just implanted itself around the 9th? That would explain the BFN's. I heard that if you have a longer lutheal phase then it would take longer for the implantation. Please I need answers!


Jennie( left out something) - March 9

Now that I really think about it, the movement is actually in the area below my belly b___ton, focused right in the mid section. A few days ago I woke up with a very bad feeling. It felt like I was being taped by a million little fingers in my tummy. I wanted to puke, but I resisted the urge. That was the only time I felt like that. My nipples tingle every once in a while, but it often only happens to one nipple and its nothing serious. Please help if you have any advice, comments anything!


Jennie( sorry to seem obsessed - March 9

Just right now I felt a small tap in the mid section, but it seems to be getting stronger. Not meaning that it hurts, Im just really able to notice it with out wondering if Im going crazy. How far long would I be, and would I be able to feel anything? By the way, Im going to make an apponitment, but I have been having a few problems with my insurance and the doc can't see me until almost 2 weeks from now. Im tired of wasting my freaking money on those dumb tests, well I kind of gave up on them almost a month ago anyway. Well I guess I'll take a nap and check back later for any advance.


Erika - March 9

I think you are pregnant, my sis did not get a BFP until 4 months pregnant!


Jennie - March 9

Did the doc tell your sister what caused the late BFP?


Monica - March 9

Its okay girl, welcome to the game of waiting. How far along do you think you are?


Tammy - March 9

What are you waitng for.....Go test!


kat - March 10

jennie i feel the same things,last normal af was in nov,since then lighter shorter af everything adds up to me being pg except the bfp,also belly growing rounder but no other weight gain,just waiting for time to tell,i believe you could possibly feel movement at you stage-you'd be around 12 weeks right? you should test :o)



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