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lizbeckwith - April 23

I've been gone for a while, but I'm back. I didn't like dealing with the whole ttc thing alone. I have pcos, and my last cycle went 83 days. I know, kill me! Now, if I'm back on my regular cycle length, I'm due for af next week. I'm tired tired tired, and my bbs are sore to the touch, and I've been having a pain in my right lower abdomen, by where my ovary is. Last time I felt like this, I was on bc but I got pregnant w/my son anyway. The doctor said the pain was my body trying it's hardest to ovulate, and it continued for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. My dh thinks I'm pregnant, but I don't want to get my hopes up just to get disappointed again. Anyone else feel like moping with me?


lizbeckwith - April 23

Oh I forgot to mention...I'm having lotion-y discharge for the past day or two. The last cycle I had was 83 days, the one before that was 42, and before that it was my regular 30-31 for a couple of months. Before that, I had a mc, but my body is over that (I had a d&c shortly after). I've been ttc since June 07 and I've been off of bc since March 07. Phew!!! That's my life story lol.


goldens - April 23

lizbeck, i hope you get our bfp! I have been ttc for over two years now, Before then I was never on bc, only my husband using condoms..i have a 10 year old, and we have been ready for another one! I am 10 dpo and I feel ok, only that my bb's are sore to touch, and my nipples are more sensative and hard. A few days after ov i felt mild cramps, and more to one side then the other. my cycles are between 32-45 days lately. well let me know if anything changes for ya!


lizbeckwith - May 4

Hey goldens...sorry I've been MIA for the last few days...Well, if my cycle is regular, I am 4 days late, but if not, who knows when AF will show up. I'm testing in the morning. I feel like c___p. I'm nausious, bloated, tired, overheated, and I've been peeing a lot. I guess we'll see how that went in the morning. I'll let you know.



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