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Serenity - July 13

I just found out it's no longer a maybe, I'm now expecting a sweet little baby! I am so very excited it's so wonderful for me; I'm just amazed to know I'm now a mommy-to-be! There are books to read to answer my concerns; it's sure a good thing God gave us 9+ months to learn. I will always remember the moment I first knew, the excitement that I felt learning it was true! An awesome job I've been given, to welcome a little one here and to bring to this world more love and good cheer! I just found out it's no longer a maybe, I'm going to be blessed with a precious little baby. Good Luck To All TTC!!


eliah99 - July 13

Congratulations!! I could not be more thrilled for you!!


LN030905 - July 13

Thats wonderful news! When I read ur msg, I teared up! LOL! GOd bless you and ur lil one!! Congrats, babe!


Emma2 - July 13



Nell143 - July 13

CONGRATS!!!!!!! I know exactly how you feel. Isn't it AMAZING!!!!!


gina143 - July 13

how did you know you were pregnant?


gina143 - July 13



erica85 - July 13



Serenity - July 13

Thank you all for the well wishes! I was here back in either March or April and then I lost the website address. Anyway, I just got the confirmation from my doc. I’m 6wks along and due around March 11, I’m still in shock. I’ve only started trying a few months ago so I wasn’t expecting this so quickly b/c I was on BCP for quite some time now. I’m going to surprise DH this evening, he’s going to be thrilled….this is our first. I still can’t believe it! As for symptoms goes I’m more tired lately, get a bit queasy from time to time and the most noticeable of all my BBs are definitely larger…but that’s it. Anyway, ladies that are still trying don’t give up and try not to stress about it too much…just let yourself go. Baby Dust To All!!


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 13

Congrats to you and your family...


sammykjo - July 13

Congrats serenity!! It is such a lovely feeling to see when people get their bfps. It just makes me all teary eyed. I can't wait to get mine. This is just our 2nd month trying though, so I'm not going to get discouraged yet. I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy!!


Rhonda - July 13

That is such wonderful news.


jeni23 - July 13

congratz:) my hubby and i have been trying for 6 monthes:(i hope it happens soon


VenusdiMilo - July 13

Congratulation Serenity!! I bet you and your DH are thrilled about the new addition. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy!!


Serenity - July 14

Once again, thank you ladies!! So, yesterday I made dinner reservations for DH and I at one of our favorite restaurant and I asked the waiter to write on his favorite desert “DaDa!!” He was like “No!…No!…Already?” I was like “Yes!…Yes!…Honey!!” Of course I started crying. It was an amazing evening. We decided to tell the family on Sunday at dinner. I’m still in shock and I just keep touching my belly and wondering what I’m going to look like in the months to come. Good Luck All….Baby Dust!!!


jeni23 - July 19

congrats and that was beautiful i hope i can think of something nice like that for my hubby he would cry in joy,hope you have a joyus and fruitful pregnancy:)


Saird - July 19

That is just sooo sweet....how you told him. Congratulations!



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