Well I Gave In And Tested

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Ella82 - January 13

Its a BFP!! I am in shock!! Not even 10wks ago i had a m/c and now i am 4wks 5days pregnant, i was so scared to test and i'm almost a week late. I feel very VERY blessed i am meant to have a baby. I pray with all my heart to Lord that i will have a healthy pregnancy. If anyone wants to check out the hpt pic my FF site is home/ella822. I dont temp but there is other info on there. I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the past couple of months (especially the girls in the big O 2ww thread) its been an emotional rollercoaster, i pray that all of you will get your Bfps soon ~*~BABYDUST~*~


preggoplease - January 13

CONGRATS!!!!!......Send some baby dust this way....but of course keep the sticky stuff for yourself!!!! Best of luck!


lissica - January 13

YAY CONGRATS ELLA!!!!! I love looking at your hpt pic! What were your symptoms this month?


LIN - January 13



Ella82 - January 13

Thank you all. Ok well i dont pay too much attention to symptoms aymore, i feel like i stress out too much if i do. The only things i have had is slight cramps on and off for the past week and sore nipples (i never had either of these last time) i have also had very restless sleeps the past few nights mainly very restless legs.


Megs - January 13

CONGRATS Ella!!!! :-) YEAH!!!! Everytime I looked at your chart I kept seeing a BFP! :-) LOL Man, that Vitex is a worker for ya huh??? I pray that you have a VERY sticky bean!!!!!! Wow! Two people I was REALLY hoping to see a BFP with the "lack of symptoms" (LOL) this month!!! What did DH say???? AMAZING GIRL!


DaBonkElsMe - January 13

congrats ella!! Awesome news!


Ella82 - January 13

LOL Megs when i told DH he said "Good Job" I promised him i wasnt going to stress out so much like i did last time. Need to keep everything positive! Yeah i think the vitex really helped with regulating my hormones, i just stuck to the exact vitamin/herb plan that i did last time although during my m/c i added red raspberry leaf to strengthen and heal my uterine lining. Also thanks Dabonk!


socalmom - January 13

WOW Ella....Congrats girl, way to go!!!! STICKY,STICKY baby dust to you!! I am so happy for you!!!


sarahd - January 13

Congrats Ella! That's so fabulous - happy and healthy 9 months to you!


Grandpa Viv - January 14

Congrats and a happy gestation to you!


riss - January 14

I posted on the other thread but want to post on your special one also. Congratualtions, you deserve this sooo much. You have been through, as you said, an emotional rollercoaster. All uphill from here. STICKY STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU.


fara - January 14

hi Ella! congrats!


indenial - January 14

Congrats, Ella. I'm sure everything will work out perfectly. GL to you and your DH


2ndtimeround - January 14

YAY YAY YAY, Ella I'm so happy for you. Sending you lots of sticky baby bean dust..... =)


Harriet - January 14

Ella, congratulations to you and your family. YESSSS! H x


maratel - January 14




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