Well I Tested Again

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MrsShelton217 - January 19

Okay. I am offically 13dpo. AF is supposed to start tomorrow. I do not feel her coming on. I have none of my usual symptoms of her. I have had a few pregnancy-like symptoms, nothing major though. I tested a few minutes ago. I used an HPT and one of my left over OPKs. The HPT had a bright control line, and the test line MIGHT have been visable. I disassembled the test and held it up to the light... (call me obsessive) I think there MIGHT have been something. I will test again tomorrow if AF doesn't show up. What concerns me though is that my OPK showed a complete negative. Since when you are pregnant, your body produces both hCG and LH, you would think that the OPK would have picked it up. It didn't. So I don't know. *Temps are STILL 98.5.. very high for me* Symptoms: General sick feeling. Nauseas(queezy) EXTREME sensitivity to smell Can't get enough sleep. Frequent urination Cramps subsided last week Vivid dreams of positive pregnancy tests :) Instinct to protect my belly. Right before I O'd I weight 119lbs I currently weight 123lbs I am sure that is due to water retention... however I don't know if it's water retention due to AF or pregnancy... I WOULD LIKE YOUR INPUT!!


krissy2006 - January 19

When your pregnant your body does not produce LH to the amount that it does when you are ovulating, otherwise you would ovulate during pregnancy. The best way I have heard it described is that LH and HCG are almost the same hormone. LH is a woman in a dress. And HCG is a woman in a dress with a hat on. Your OPKs may or may not find the woman with the hat on because she has her hat on. HPTs will not find the woman without her hat on because she doesn't have her hat on. HPTs are the only good tests for pregnancy. OPKs are not at all conclusive!!


krissy2006 - January 19

But your symptoms sound promising!!! BABYDUST!!!


iampg - January 20

i do hope you get your bfp soon. I'm either 18dpo - fertility friend or 13dpo ovusoft - (different coverline) I'm up heaving with a pounding headache - i don't know what to take as i can't sleep. if i'm not pg i'm sick! In the early testing days your urine might just be too dilute still. my opks the last 3 days are just starting to progress - another few days i guess before a bold positive.


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

I didnt gain any weight at all for the first 7 weeks of pregnancy but I do know I gain around 4-5 ibs when af is comming I bloat right up and than it happens. Your other signs look good, test in another 2 days for a better possible +.


LIN - January 20

I'm not saying you won't get that bfp this cycle, but if you have to tear a test apart to see a line, then there's no line there.



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