Well I Tested Agian

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jazminesmom - February 3

it was a BFN :(, well i wil go to the dr. sometime next week propbly have to start a period and defentily us ovulation kits, i don't know fore sure what the dr will do but i will get some ovulation kits either way. well gook luck to all of you ttc.


preggoplease - February 3

Ooooh Noooo! I was so convinced it would be a BFP! =[ Well I'm sorry. I guess on to next month? Bummer Bummer Bummer!!!!!!


jazminesmom - February 3

well i thought so too, but oh well i will call the doctor and get an appointment and hopefully this will be my month. i will get some ovulation kits and hope that will help once i get my period. why do i have to be all skrewd up?


preggoplease - February 3

Has your periods always been irregular?? I feel for ya girl!!!


jazminesmom - February 3

well when i was 17, 2 years after i started having periods i had cysts on my ovaries and the doctor put me on bc then after about then when i was 19 they took me off to see what happens no cysts but i missed my period for 5months then they started me, then went back on bc, then when we decided to have jazmine got off pills and got pregnant that month, had jazmine after 6months of b___stfeeding i wait about four months nothing happened and got started agian. then went off bc pill october of 06 and had to be started agian. now i am here, sorry so long just had alot of stuff to say


jazminesmom - February 4

i ment to say 3 years after i started my period. so agian for it being so long


jazminesmom - February 6

hey preggo where are you? i have a doctors appointment tomorrow i will let you know what is going on


kvilendrer - February 7

So sorry about the bfn! Good luck in the future!


jazminesmom - February 7

thanks, went tio the doctor today they want me to take another test feb 28th, if not pregnant i will start provra march 1st to start af. then we will go from there,


preggoplease - February 8

hey so sorry I haven't been on lately! anyhow, so did they give you a test at all? or do a blood test? thats such a bummer, hopefully your body is just being stubborn and not producing enough hcg for you to detect, and you are preggers! i'm waiting for you at the 1st tri. board...you better be over there soon too!! =] the 28th is soooooo far away, im gonna be at suspense for soooo long...lol



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