Well I Was Trying Fun Fun Fun

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mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 15

I was trying to post something fun for us to do here and i guess it is not going to let me. I will try one more time here: the pregnancy tester put that into your browser with .com and see what you get. I will post my results if it lets me


izechsmama - January 15

HAHAHAHA you just made my day.. i'm having a 10 lb brown haired baby boy... by ARNOLD SWartzeneggar!!! HAHAHAHAHA


MammaJL - January 15

It said that i was pregnant with a boy.. 9lbs 1oz , red hair and grey eyes...peewee herman is the father LOL!!


izechsmama - January 15

haha.. i did it again and it said i was having another boy, 15 lbs 1 oz with a blonde hair hazel eyes and the POPE was the father.. haha.. too cute..


Megs - January 15

It's a BOY!!! Beautiful baby boy weighs about 6 lbs, 13 oz and have red hair and brown eyes and the father is......... Boss Hogg! (Some old perverted man i'm guessing since I look over half his age!! LOL)


MammaJL - January 15

he's off of the dukes of hazzard lol.. boss hogg


DaBonkElsMe - January 15

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! I'm having a girl and the daddy??? - Boss Hogg!!!! Looks like our babies are related Megs!!!! too funny! Thanks for that!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 15

You ladies are welcome. I thought it was just to funny myself.


BrendaW - January 15

Here's mine- boy 16lbs 14oz. (hot d__n!) blonde hair blue eyes and Bill O'reily is the dad!


preggoplease - January 15

Ok I am having a girl. She is 11lbs. 4oz red hair and gray eyes...and omg...the father is MICHAEL freaking JACKSON!!!...NO!


indenial - January 15

That's awesome. I'm having the mailman's kid


Megs - January 15

Too funny! Dabonk, I guess our babies better get to know one another since they are siblings! LOL :-)


Megs - January 15

I sent it to my mom and told her about her "grandchild". She called me laughing!


krissy2006 - January 15

Baby boy 6 lbs 1 oz, red hair green eyes and daddy is arnold schwart...ya well you know who


frozenfeet - January 15

I'dl like to announce Amy Brooke Jackson, a healthy 10 lbs 13 oz baby girl brown hair, blue eyes......fathered by non other than.......Jesse Jackson! HAHAHA!


thayward7 - January 15

That's just what I needed! Made me laugh on a sad day. A 14lb 10 oz. boy - yikes! - with brown hair and grey eyes..... thanks for that! Smiles and Babydust.... T


socalmom - January 15

It's a girl.....16lbs 4 oz with red hair and blue eyes...here is the kicker, the daddy is The Pool Guy!



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