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Stephy - January 22

Okie i posted here before.. Im still worried and I'm going to go paranoid soon. and my bf thinks im definitely crazy LOL okie i had s_x on jan 7th.. and 15th again he pulled out on both times (yes i know it's not a good method.. i was gonna go on birth control but i had to wait until my period and both of us just couldn't wait =/). Anyways i did a home preggie test on the 17th and it was negative...Anyways i had my period jan 19th... just like 2 days late and it came when i was sleeping/morning like my usual. I felt nausea beginning the afternoon of 17th.. and now it's been getting less. Cramps on the 16th... so all my symptoms just kinda sounds liek pms and feeling awful durign my period like alot of women complain. However can someone please put their hand at the area above their belly button? (i don't mean on the belly button)feel any beating? how about below? feel any beating? i head if ur preggie in the first month around 2nd to 3rd week you can feel your baby's heart beat.. am i just going paranoid? Cuz i think i feel some beating? but isn't the area above your belly button too up for a baby??? Someone please answer i think i might go crazy. And it'll be nice if a guy tried this since they can't be preggie lol ^^ thansk a bunch everyone


stephy - January 22

and oh just wanted to say.. my period looks pretty normal.. sicne my period is usually 5-6 days and I'm on my 4th day it's getting light but not too light.. so yeah..i dunno


stephy - January 22

actually it's i heard that around 2nd and 3rd week of preggie your baby heart develope and starst to have a heartbeat.. but is it too early to feel for beating? Am i being paranoid??? ANyone wanna help me out?


tiffani - January 22

IMPOSSIBLE for that to be a babies heart beat that you're feeling. I'm not even sure you could feel it being 9 months pregnant.


jb - January 22

you are feeling you own heartbeat !!!!!!!!!!!!!


emma - January 22

it's your own heartbeat, you can not feel a baby's heartbeat at any point of pregnancy using just your hand. i use the same birth control and i've not gotten pregnant yet (touch wood) it's been over 5 years now totally effective! try not to worry, you really do not sound pregnant! xxxxx



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