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gina143 - July 10

Okay so I was wondering when I should get my period... I stoped my Bc pills during my period last month, I had it June 2-11th. I am felling very wet down there.. and I check and no AF just clear watery cm. And I also have weird cramps.... below my belly button. What is all that wetness from?


gina143 - July 10



kristie h - July 10

Hi, I'm not sure as i have not taken the bcp for years but i have read alot of threads where they say after you come off the bcp it can take a while for you body to adjust. Are you late for af? and how long were you on bcp for?


huddie - July 10

I had that wetness all throughout my two week wait..af did not come I tested..and it was bfn...I then became about a week late and started experiencing small af type cramps...come to find out i'm pregnant!! Slight cramping is a very common sign in early pregnancy as well as the wetness you are experiencing..some women have that wetenss all throughout pregnancy! good luck!!!


gina143 - July 10

I was on the pill for about 3 years..... Last month I got AF on the 2nd..... so I guess im late... but Im not sure how long it will take to get my period after stopping the bc.....


gina143 - July 10

the wetness is like after i pee.... and its not pee.... and sometimes when im walking around the house i feel a little drip type thing and check and its more watery discharge clear in color..... am i worring about nothing?


shalyn - July 10

It may take some time for your period to regulate itself after coming off bcp. However, you should test because if you are late then there is a possibility you could be pregnant. Before I got my bfp I had the same watery cm and thought AF was coming but it never did.


tpierce - July 10

I had the watery cm for like an extra week past ovulation...but now im due for af tomorrow and it has dried up...could that still be a sign of pregnancy?


gina143 - July 10

well i guess ill just wait it out and see what happens. Im hoping for bfp me and dh have had unprotected s_x since my last period.


Grandpa Viv - July 10

The clear or creamy discharge sign of pregnancy is not one that gets posted as a side effect of coming off the pill. While it is unlikely that you got pregnant the first month after 3 years, keep your fingers crossed and take a couple of tests at one week intervals. Good luck!


gina143 - July 10

so the clear discharge is not a side effect.... of comming of bc... then what is it?



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