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Bambi - November 1

Hi. I was wondering about all this wetness I have been getting...Sorry if TMI, but it just seems like I am always needing to go to the loo and drying off. I had my LMP mid October with was not really normal, almost 2 days long and not as clotty as I am usually used to. When you are PG is there more wetness or am I just looking at it as a sign just because I want to be...I know sign are everywhere when you want something and they can cause such headaches which I have been having alot too...I must be just thinking too much about it...Just writing to get some input...Thank You all in advance for your inputs.


Amanda - November 1

How many dpo are you? I am 8-9 dpo and I have been pretty wet lately too. My cm has been a little thicker than normal with white/ light yellow tint to it. I am normally really dry by now. Maybe you are like me...


Bambi - November 1

I actually believe I am supposed to be o'ing now but I am on that give up stage but still being very curious about everything. I am on CD 17 I believe. I had the first day of AF on Oct. 16th. Last month my o' days were between 30th of sept and the 2nd of oct. My cycles has been 30 days thae last couple of months but before that 35 days. My CM has been clear. When I did a CP check I did not see any cm. But a day b4 my af I checked CP and it seemed like I had some CM that was like ew with a little tint to it. But I heard that b4 AF you are supposed to be dry so that is why I am a bit confused about what is going and wondering Y my AF was about 2 days and I am used to it being 5-6 days. Like I said b4 I think I am giving myself headaches thinking about this. I wanna take a test but then I really don't want to get disappointed until the AF shows up again. I try not to think about going to the $ store for a test...I am going crazy....AARRGGHH!!! Thanks again...Good luck to you Amanda.


amanda - November 1

If af does not show when you expect it to, then test again. Good luck to you, too!



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