Wetness And Gas From My V Sign Of Pregnancy

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:( - February 8

Since one month now I feel wetness in my va___a and when I go to bathroom and sit sometimes I feel like releasing gas from there.When I lay down in my back I feel squeesing in my belly button area... (other signs as well: bloated, sleepy, sensitive t_ts, poor apet_te, extremely tired, nighmears, kind of crampy from time to time) Most importan is my IRREGULAR PERIOD and I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY OVULATION IS!!! Any comments please


:o( - February 8

Please anyone with irregular periods ...


:o() - February 8

Anyone something similar pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 8

A clear or creamy v____al discharge is normal during pregnancy. I would be surprised if you are really releasing gas, but enough liquid may be coming down that it feels that way. All your other signs suggest pregnancy, including vivid dreams. You need to do a home pregnancy test or go to the clinic, start taking prenatal vitamins and stop drinking alcohol (not saying you do). Good luck!


Apryl - August 6

I have the exact same deal I have a lot of the preg symptoms, veins are appearing everywhere, nipples got dark ,b___bs got huge,some days I can't stop eating, others I don't want anything but milk I could sleep for days, my legs and back ACHE, and I think this is indigestion maybe you can tell me, I sometimes, especially in the mornings, have a pressure type ache right below my b___stbone to about half way to my naval. I can bearly see my v over my belly, but it's always wet and sometimes when I'm using the bathroom it pa__ses air for no apparent reason, I can't believe somone else has this same deal:) Do you fell like your stomach muscles have turned to jelly, and sometimes have trouble pushing out urine? It's frustrating but not painful. But heres the weird part. I've given myself 3 neg tests, and doc gave me 1 neg urine test, and 1 neg blood, plus I have had like 2 periods in the 4 months I've thought I was preg, and they were like normal, painful, but mostly clots, and without the bad odor. Any input?? Please I'm so sooo frustrated!! I wanna know!!:(


nervousttc - August 6

I used to have problems with 'air' coming out of my v____a when I was having frequent s_x. Basically, the air gets trapped inside your v____a and gets released later. No, I wasn't pregnant ;) but other symptoms you are talking about sound possible. Could also be symptoms of something else!! Possibly a hormonal imbalance with the irregular periods. Good luck to you whatever you're hoping. :)



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