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Carrie - March 16

Okay, I know this sounds disgusting. I am due for AF this week and I keep thinking it's starting cos i am soaking but so far, she's not here. I'm not late persay, just any day now. But, today, and this is where it gets a bit yucky so I do apologise, today not only has it been wetter there is also a noticable smell too. I'm not sure how to describe it, it's just a strong smell and I'm not sure why this is. I have never bn pg before so is this a sign? I'm also very sleepy, had a 'metallic' taste in my mouth over the wkend (does that make sense?) and I'm a bit more gassy which is normal for around AF. Also I'm a little warmer than usual and a lot of heartburn last night. What do you girls make of this? Thankyou for helping me.


sharon - March 16

if af doesnt come id do a test. your signs are good!


kmh - March 16

I'm right there with you. If you're taking pre-natal vitamins or a supplement with at least 100% iron, it can cause an odd odor. But mine is only when I pee. All your other symptoms are encouraging though. If the smell gets worse and you don't start af, make sure you tell your doc in case you have an infection when you go test.


Carrie - March 16

Ooh, here's hoping! And also, thank you for answering me so quickly Sharon! We're not purposefully ttc but now it's on my mind I can't help hoping y'know? I will keep you posted and sorry again for being so graphic. Your help is appreciated :@)


Audrey - March 16

If you have a strong-smelling discharge you might have a yeast infection. It's easily treated with over the counter remedies such as Monistat, but to be safe you might ask your doc about it.


Carrie - March 16

that is here's hoping it's a BFP not here's hoping i have an infection! Thanks for your help too kmh! xxxx


carrie - March 16

thanks Audrey! xx i'll give it a few days to see if AF turns up but if it's still a problem I'll go see my doccypops. xxx


heather - March 16

im in the same boat as u! the best of luck to both of us!


heather - March 16

i had tha same taste in my mouth too..one morning i woke up and smoked a cig. and it tasted AWFUL..like i was smoking metal!


B - March 16

Honey, i am in asimilar situation. i'm kinda bloated too, and my AF is due on 18/03. Oooooooooohhhhhh bloody waiting!!!!!


Angela - March 16

I am experiencing the same symptoms except the odor. I am due for AF on the 18th and i'm hoping it won't come. So good luck


~S~ - March 16

Your symptoms do match those of pregnancy symptoms, although they could be just pms symtoms and both seem to be similar. When you become pregnant, you feel sooooo tired, almost to the point of exhaustion. I struggled trying to keep my eyes open at work and had no idea why. But then again, most woman feel drowsy and sluggish when AF comes. As for you feeling more wetness down below - I'm not sure, I don't think I experienced this early in my pregnancy, I didn't notice any moisture change or odor change. Although, a gf of mine told me she felt she became more moist when she was pregnant, but I didn't. As for the smell, you might have a slight yeast infection. I don't believe there should be a noticable smell during pregnancy, well not that I have experienced anyways. It's not uncomon for woman who have yeast infections feel extra wet, so maybe this is what your experiencing?? Lastly, the metallic taste in your mouth...This is caused by acid reflux. A lot of pregnant mothers experience this during pregnancy, but so do non pregnant ladies. Don't worry about it too much, your probably just experiencing pms symtoms. Wait until AF is due and if it's late, take a test. =o)


D - March 16

Hmmm.... sounds EXACTLY like me the first week of February. I'm usually not super regular, I can vary from 26-31 days, but it was so wierd, I tested on day 29..... Of course, the other girls are right - there could be something else going on.... but for me, your symptoms were a bfp!


Carrie - March 17

thanks again everyone for all your answers! Heather and Angela, you must let me know if AF arrives or if you get a bfp. ~S~, your reply was so concise, it was great. I will look into everything you said, thank you. And lastly, D, who knows? I like the hoping but I know I'm gonna be so miffed if AF turns up tomorrow as (knowing my luck) she's bound to do. I will keep you posted, and thank you again. xxxx


D - March 18

So, Carrie, how are you doing?


me - March 18

i get that, every time im late i feel like i have just come on and then i realise its just cervical mucus. im two days late now. its wierd. alot of cm can mean pregnancy, so good luck


Carrie - March 19

Hey D (and everyone else), well I am now 2 days late. i just don't know. I am getting some tightness and feel lkie I'm very ga__sy but I'm not. This morning I was sure Af was there but no. It's a bit strange. I am scared to test or tell any friends cos I'm worried it'll taint my chances- does that sound silly? I'm quite warm and yesterday I had a strange sensation- like all the blood drained from my head and it made me feel really 'out of it' for a few minutes. It happened again a couple of times last night and a couple of times today too. I was sitting down each time so that confused me no end! Any ideas folks? I feel like it's not real y'know? aaarrgh, who knows! Hugs, carrie xxxxx



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