What A Doctor Had To Say About Being So Late For AF

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negative Cindy - March 22

I went to the doc's today after being 2 weeks late to get af... i got a neg result.. i explained to him that this happened with my last child and this is what he said.. there was a study that showed that some women ovulate more than once in a cycle..so he said i may have skipped af this month but I could be ovulating right now or last weekend and the s_x we had then could cause me to be pregnant..so in a couple of weeks i could get a positive... but I wouldnt be the 6 weeks as I would now.. I would JUST be pregnant...so maybe this happens more than we think.. us who are waiting weeks and weeks past and find out after 12 weeks or 10 weeks that we are in fact pregnant but not on the date we thought.. normaly he said if we miss our period and think we may be..we will continue to have unprotected s_x so who knows when we become pregnant.. do I believe this happens in some cases? yes for sure... maybe thats whats going on with me.. I have a blood test scheduled for next week.. cheers !! and good luck and tons of baby dust to all who are waiting ... Cindy


Jena - March 22

THANK YOU for your post! I'm thinking this MIGHT be happening to me because I'm 9 days late but my hCG level is only a 2!! So I'm praying I'm prego and in your situation! Thanks again!


wondering - March 23

hmmmm very interesting post..thanks Cindy... this may be what is going on with my sister. char


Sasha - March 23

Wow, That is exactly what happened to me. I had missed my period and I kept goig to the clinic to get tests. All of them came up BFN until I was 8 weeks along. The nurse thought I had my dates mixed up about my LMP but I always chart it every month. well anyways I had to wait several months before my doc would give me an ultra sound, and when I finally got one. My dates did not match with the babies measurements. Turns out that I was only 5 weeks pregnant when I got a BFP! But I was totally sure of my dates, I even had prooff to where I marked off on the calendar. well my doc explained the same thing that your doc did. Alot of people say that it is not possible, but there is research to back up the facts. Plus it explains all the BfN, when actually BFP!


Jena - March 23

thanks for the hope, SAsha!! :)


Sasha - March 23

Your welcome. Trust me Im on baby #2 and it happened just #1, well actually it took a longer time. I thought I got a BFP at 11 weeks when in fact I am only 5 weeks. The doc did the ultra sound early since I have that detailed history he he! Good Luck.



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