What About Dreams As A Sign

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Leahp - December 6

Hello! My husband and I have been trying for the past month and I'm really hoping for a positive. My period doesn't come until the 14th, but I have been having strange pregnancy dreams, one that I was but I was dissappointed to see that it was just a ball under my shirt and last night I had one that my mucus plug fell out, I hope it's not wishful thinking inducing these dreams!


Grandpa Viv - December 6

Some women do report extraordinarily vivid dreams during pregnancy, but not usually as an early sign, especially with no other early signs. I think that for right now you should chalk this up to simple TTC concerns.


Zuzi - December 6

When I questioned if I was pregnant or not, it was from a dream i had... I was getting onto a roller coaster ride, sat in the seat and the bar that latches over the belly area was too tight for me... it hurt when I tried to lock it. I got up and left... and the dream moved on. After a while my (late) sister come to me, and rewound the dream back to the point of me trying to get on the ride, and she told me I need to take it seriously. I took it as her telling me I was pregnant, so stop be careless (e.g. stop drinking and smoking) and start taking care of myslef. Dreams are my biggest link to the things that are going to happen, or warning for things that we are unaware of. I wish you luck, but YES, dreams can tell you a lot. (I am 9 weeks pregnant, and 3 1/2 at the time of the dream) Let us know how it goes!


Leahp - December 6

Thank you Zuzi, I wasn't sure if maybe these dreams are stemming from wishful thinking, since we are trying, maybe I could ask for a little help from my (late) best-friend!!! Thanks for your in-put!!


m - December 6

Crazy dreams began VERY early for me. I've had 4 pregnancies (2 live births, 2 mc). I don't remember things like that from my 1st pregnancy(7 yrs ago), however, with my last 3 I began having very vivid dreams very early. Something I do remember from my first pregnancy, and second, was that later on in pregnancy, I began having dreams about losing my teeth. I have a friend who's mom is a psychologist, and had some kind of special training in dreams. She said that particular dream signifies aggressiveness... not only in pregnancy, but also in every day life. I had that dream because I was really aggressive and domineering during the later months of my 2 live birth pregnancies. Anyway, I know I gave you more than you asked for, but I just thought I'd share that. :o)



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