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FED UP - September 7

I've been off the pill for 3 months i got my af everymonth and i am ovulating so no problems there. Me and dh have b'dedd every other night throughout my cycle [no during af abit messy !], and still no pregnant what more can we do . We have one child already so i know we can do it .


bean - September 7

Fed up - I hate to tell you, but 3 months is nothing. Many ladies here have been trying for many many many months. Perhaps the "problem" is as simple as too much bd-ing? If you're going every other day the whole month, man, you have energy! :) But seriously, maybe too much forced bd-ing could be stressing both of you. Try bd-ing every other day during the critical o-time, but taking a break otherwise. Enjoy a nice dinner with your dh, a gla__s of wine, maybe a bed and breakfast for a weekend? Try joining a gym, eating better, and taking care of yourself. It will happen for you - it just takes time.


jen - September 7

sorry to hear your stressed. Even though you are having your periods every month, it may still be some things working out from the pill. 3 months is nothing even without any problems, most couple's take up to a year. Hang in there!


FED UP - September 7

Thanks girls suppose i just expected things to happen over night . I eat healthy , dont smoke , i exercise regular . So i'll just keep trying .Thanks again.


tab - September 7

Some people question this, but u can do ur own research, try using raw egg white, i have read many success stories, and even tried it with my first son and it worked, I have been trying for 6 mos, and I am using this method this month and see what happens. Raw egg white helps preserve the sperm, they use it to store sperm in labs. Hope this helped.


FED UP - September 7

I'll try anything thats not too werid!!! Thanks


just wondering.... - September 7

tab: what do you do with the raw egg whites to preserve the sperm??


Krista - September 7

Maybe you should ask dh to get a fertility test? And also, in most men in takes three days for sperm to mature, so bding every other day can just release immature sperm, which will take longer for u to get pg. Try doing it every three days, and if u CANT wait, make sure your man wears boxers, not briefs, and stays cool during the day. Also, you need to get your folic acid. Folic acid helps with fertility and is also the key vitamin to a healthy baby. Take a daily vitamin and you'll see great results. Good luck!


fED UP - September 7

Doing all that i'm afraid , but i'll ease up on the s_x [need a rest lol], i just thought it was the right way to do but i'll try it thanks xx



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