What Are My Chances Of Conception Every Month

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kelly607 - January 10

Hi, I wondered if anybody knew what the chances of conception are if you manage to bd on and around O every month. I have read it is 25% however I wondered if that was in general not if you know when you are ovulating. On to my third month TTC and worried something might be wrong as everybody I know is getting pg!!!! :o(


jezebel1018 - January 10

its 26-25% if you do everything exactly right, bd on o day & everything, your chances decrease as you get farther away from o day


charlenelouise - January 10

Just keep trying, I got preg after 4 month, but lost at 4 weeks, its been another 10 months and still nothing, I feel like everyone is getting pg apart from me, best thing I think its too not think about it, and just keep trying, it will happen! Good Luck!


Mrs.A - January 11

Don't worry I'm entering month 4 of ttc....when I didn't get preggers the first month of ttc I thought I was infertile. lol. Now even more than ever tho, I cannot help but think that we have fertility issues. I absolutly know that we should not be worried until ttc over a year and no luck but I am a really big worry wart! I am willing to bet you get pregnant before me! Keep us posted.


charlenelouise - January 11

I know I was the same after 1 month, and a year on iam still the same, feel hopfull though because I have already been pg although I lost. We have both had tests and were ok, I think a lot is down to luck really. We will get there, It nice to speak to people in the same boat!!


Macy - January 14

Don't start worrying yet. I have loads of friends who've had babies recently. It took them between 6 and 8 months to get pregnant. My sister, who was on depo shots, took 18 months to conceive. This is also my 3rd month ttc, and I know all the horrible things that go through your head if it doesn't happen IMMEDIATLY, but we have to be patient. There are a lot of woment on this forum who get pregnant 1st month ttc, but they are just lucky, usually it takes a few months.



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