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LW - February 27

Hi all! Ok, I have done 4 pregnancy tests (the no cartridge medical grade ones) over the past 3 days and all have come up with very faint BFPs. I am truly wondering if they are evaporation lines. But... what are the chances that all 4 would have evap lines? They are all the same kind of tests and have all been stored in the exact same way. Now these "BFPs" have not come up in the reccomended time but I used these same tests the last time I was pregnant and even at 7 months pregnant, the BFPs took a little longer than i expected to come up. Now, I know most are going to say "go out and get another brand test"... I did this yesterday - a clear blue -/+ and in order to see a BFP you'd have to be a contortionist!!! Mind you, I didn't do it with FMU either though. Does anyone know if you can see the shape of the BFP + on a clear blue test before you use it? Now, the kicker is that I have a 9 month old and I have not had a period since August of 2005 (yeah, it's been about 18 months since AF showed!) but I was recently put on synthroid for hypothyroidism and know that it can regulate cycles. Anyway... long story short - what are the chances that all 4 tests would have evap lines? Thanks to anyone who has some ideas!!!


KSlavin - February 27

Hi LW...The lovely people that creat the pregnancy tests aways state that it doesn't matter how faint the line, if it's there...You're pregnant!! If you want to be absolutely positive that you're not seeing things and the tests aren't wrong, make a dr's appt and get a blood test. Congrats and GL


Grandpa Viv - February 27

My contrary opinion is that you should read the test at the specified time (3 minutes?) and then throw it in the trash. If you are establishing pregnancy, tests on successive days will get darker lines. Why are you testing, anyway? It can't be for lack of a period. Do you have early signs to tell us about?


LW - February 28

Thanks guys! And let me say that this is the first time Grandpa Viv has ever replied to one of my posts - I feel privileged!! As for early symptoms I should say yes and no - again no AF (but I haven't had one since I got pregnant with my daughter and she turned 9 months today) however, when I first got pregnant with dd the first thing that set in (I can look back at it now and say that it was a definite sign) was the tiredness. The same tired feeling set in around Saturday/Sunday so I thought hmmmmmmm and tested (I had some left over tests laying around from my first pregnancy) Other than that though, no real symptoms (I didn't have many with my first thankfully!) I do test periodically though too as I enjoy the occasional girl's night out with friends where the wine flows and with no AF I would hate to be in a situation where I didn't know I was pregnant and had a few drinks. Needless to say dh and I are not being careful (I didn't ovulate on my own at all last time and needed the help of my good friend Clomid) as we didn't think it would happen without meds. I guess time will tell! I'll probably test again on Thursday or Friday to see what comes up. Thanks again guys!


LIN - February 28

Grandpa Viv is right. No test should ever be trusted outside of the test time frame. Yes, pregnant women might have a positive test show up outside the time frame, but so do women who are not pregnant. I've had *loads* of tests develop obvious pink lines after the time frame, and not one has indicated a real pregnancy. By the way, I wouldn't stress over the situation where you're out with the girls and have a few drinks. A few drinks before you know you're pregnant isn't going to harm your baby. That's a lot harder to do than most women think. It only harms your baby if it's continuous throughout pregnancy and/or in large quant_ties.


LW - February 28

I do agree with the "don't read the test outside of the allotted time" thing and thought very little of the line that showed up on the first test but tested again "just incase" and got another line and then tested again "just incase" and got another line (at that point I realized I have a problem with peeing on things tee hee hee!!!) I just thought it strange that 4 tests would all get evaporation lines as with all the tests I had before getting pregnant for real (and there were LOTS of them - it took me 11 months and clomid to get pregnant!) I never had an evap line. If they are "real" lines, by Thursday or Friday, they should be nice and dark I'll test again then and let you all know. Thanks again for all the input!!



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