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mommy2mason - November 9

OK.. So my last period was the last week of Sept. I have only had s_x once since, which was the beginning of Oct, about a week after my period. Right now, it's looking like I havent had a period in 6-7 weeks (i dont keep track very well) I started spotting a few days ago, so I started my BC like I was supposed to, and then the spotting stopped ASAP. Ive been nauseus, tired, bloated and irritated, and just noticed today that I am having some discharge from my nipples. I have had a scare before about 2 months ago, when I was about 12 days late (Im later than that now). I already have one child, but I dont remember how I felt this early in my pregnancy. Im wondering if I should start freaking out, or wait it out a little longer? Could it just be from stress and from starting my BC as soon as I noticed spotting? I mean, I've been feeling crampy, like I usually do before my period.. Just no period. It's looking like I am on day 47 of my cycle (you start from the first day of your last period, right?) Any thoughts? I am waaaay too scared to take a HPT, especially since the last time I was convinced I was pregnant, took about 9 HPT, all neg, then went to the docs for blood work to make sure. Wound up getting my period that day.... Dont want to go through that again.


melissax4 - November 9

When you had s_x a week after your period did you use any protection? and what is the average length of your cycle, I would consider doing one hpt and if thats negative I would wait a week and if you still don't have your period call your doc. I know with all of my pregnancies I felt the same exact way I did before I got my period but it just never came so you never know. sorry I can't be more of a help. I know the waiting and not knowing sucks. I myself am in a similiar situation.


mommy2mason - November 9

No protection :( My period is usually irregular... usually about 3-34 days is my cycle.. sometimes less... its been more, but never this much...


mommy2mason - November 13

ok.... so I still dont have my period.... just very bloated, crampy... and I keep getting this weird taste in my mouth... right under my tongue on the sides of my mouth (not that that means anything) If I am right about that date of my last period... I am on day 51... I took a HPT friday and it said neg. COuld my cycle be messed up from starting my BC?? 51 days messed up!?!?



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