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OhioGirl82 - May 23

I got my period on February 28th. It lasted until March 5th. I had unprotected s_x twice on March 8th. On April 3, I started what I had thought was my period.. but it was lighter and only lasted a couple days. I am now 2 1/2 weeks late for my May period. I took 2 hpt's this weekend and they were both negative. The only other symptoms I have are being really tired, feeling bloated, and havin' sore br___ts. What are the odds that I could still be pregnant?? I have an appt. for a blood test, but it's not until next week. So I am very nervous and would appreciate any feedback!


to ohio girl - May 23

you can always HPT again- then wait for the blood. by this time (if you are over one month pg) it should show in your blood. odds are yomaybe-maybe not. also- are you stressed? because stress can mess with your cycle a lot. best to you!


OhioGirl82 - May 23

That's the thing though.. I haven't been under any stress lately. Pregnancy didn't even occur to me until this weekend, because I thought I had gotten my period last month, but my sister (who has a 2 year old) said that it may have just been spotting and she's the one who suggested I have a blood test. I just don't really know what else it could be. If the blood test comes back negative, too, though I'm gonna head right to the gyno and see what's up.


To Ohio girl - May 24

Uhm.., just be prepared that you are likely not pregnant. The blood tests look for HcG, as does a urine test. Blood tests can detect pregnancy a little earlier than conventional urine tests, but that won't matter now, if you think you might be pregnant since April. It won't matter either, if you got pregnant in May. Urine tests would certainly pick up HcG in a woman who is 2 weeks late. Of course there are always stories of rare exceptions but I think you have to prepare yourself that the answer will be 'no'. However, a doctor might be able to answer why your period is late. Of course sometimes we just skip a cycle, periods change, that's just part of being a woman.


Grandpa Viv - May 24

The story and the signs suggest you are 11 weeks preg, 9 gestational, but it is hard to ignore 2 -ive urine tests that far along. I take it you read and follow the instructions to the letter. You have made the right decision to visit the doc. Good luck!



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