What Are The Odds To Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

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srs - November 6

what are the odds of getting pregnant on while on birth control because i have had signs of pregnancy, tiredness, sore br___ts, moodiness but it is confusing and how long before you test to see if you are pregnant? will taking the pills mess anything up or do damage if you are pregnant? i need advice


Ash - November 6

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant while taking the pill. If you are taking the pill exactly as you should be (ie on time, and no missed days), your chances of still getting pregnant is .01%. Of course, that percentage increases if you've went off schedule with your doses at all. Taking birth control while pregnant has been known to cause birth defects. It is important that you stop taking the pill right away if you discover that you are pregnant. You can get an early hpt, but I would suggest waiting to test until you are actually late, to help prevent a false negative.


srs - November 7

how late do you have to be to get an accurate reading?


Suzy - November 7

If you think you are pregnant stop taking the pill and use condoms until you've taken a test or seen a dr. Wait until you're due for your next period before taking a test although if you don't get your period for a while go see the doctor - either way stop taking the pill until you know for sure. Good luck


Ash - November 7

It's best to wait a couple of days after your missed period to test. If you've been reading this forum, then you know that some women get neg after neg until they are well into their first trimester. When are you due for your period?


srs - November 7

i am do on wednesday nov 10th so i am on my blank week anyhow and i dont usually take those anyway will the test show if i am on friday or sat or do i need to wait til next week?


Viv - November 7

http://www.wdxcyber.com/ncontr08.htm says that no studies have shown any unusual damage from taking the pills after accidental conception. I would first hunt up the web site of the manufacturer of your particular pill to see what advice is given. My guess is that thing to do is take a home pregnancy test at the end of your hoped-for upcoming period. Better yet, call the doc's office where you got your prescription and ask the nurse what is the correct procedure.


srs - November 7

i did call the nurse and told her all my symptoms and she told me to take motrin and keep taking the pills and if i was that worried to take a hpt i did two weeks ago and it was negative and i also got on the ovcon website and i couldnt find anything i needed to know



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