WHAT Are The Signs Please Help

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AMS - October 27

Ok, I am 13 days late, heartburn, cramps, cm lotiony, headaches, tummy ache, but I dont know whats going on please share your symptoms and opinions, I have taken 3 tests all negative, would heartburn be one, I am going crazy!, I just wanna know , so period come or BFP come, but hurry I cant wait much longer! :)


bump - October 27



maddie - October 27

I don't know how much help I will be...I am abput 6 weeks and did have small amts of creamy clumpy cm and was tired, but thats about it. I would wait a few more days and take another test or call your doctor.


Melissa - October 27

Were you TTC? Somtimes when you want to be pregnant badly enough you star overa___lyzing your body and take every problem for a pregnancy symptom. And stressing about it can prolong your period too. I about missed my period for a month because I was soo sure I was pregnant and was stressing about it like crazy. I even had nausea! Try relaxing...that is going to be hard I know....keep yourself occupied. Why dont you make an appointment w/your doc and have them do a blood test. If it isnt positive when you take the blood test...then the possibility of being pregnant is probably slim to none and you can have closure over it. Good Luck and Baby Dust!....


AMS - October 27

Mellisa, thank you for taking the time to answer my Q I really apprecitate it!


bump - October 28

bump please


Naysa - October 28

Hi!When I was preg w/ my son I had heartburn and headaches.Good luck 2 you and I hope everything works out;)


AMS - October 28

I guess I will just wait, its the hardest part though! please more info!!


JustMe - October 28

I suggest you go to a doctor and let them give you a urine and blood exam. I ;ve missed by period but dont have other symptoms. It feels only like something;s wrong; liek my body's trying to have a period...am I okay???


Julie - October 28

Hi AMS, I like Melissa stressed myself out sooo badly, I almost skipped an entire month. I started temping and using OPKs in September and was due for af on 10/10/05. I never saw a + OPK and never saw a temp rise. Oct 6th went to the DRs and he told me I had not ovulated. I guess because I was temping and using OPKs, I stressed myself out sooo bad that still today 10/28/05, I still do not have af, but last week, I noticed EWCM, so I got busy and this week (Tuesday), I finally noticed a temp rise to 97.7. I have never been this late in my life. I almost swore last Wednesday that I was pregnant without a temp rise and because I saw CM. Let me tell you, the mind can play horrible tricks when ttc. Good luck and baby dust to all!!!!!



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