What Are The True Signs Of Pregnancy

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Karen - November 22

what are the true signs of pregnancy?? I need to know if I could be pregnant or if I am just under alot of stress. I know I should know this because I was pregnant before but I lost the other ones


Audrey - November 22

The most common signs of early pregnancy are: missed period, sore b___sts, PMS-like symptoms including mood swings and slight cramping, nausea & vomiting, constipation. If you have missed a period already, try a home test.


Sparkles - November 22

Audrey, what if my b___sts aren't really sore at all, but I have the rest of the early symptoms??? No vomiting though, just feeling nausea and cramps, gas, mood swings, feeling dizzy and tired....etc


Ruthie - November 23

I am two days late, I have cramp, gas, abdominal twinges, I'm eating more than usual, bloating, b___terflies etc etc. The strange thing is, i have taken two home tests and they were both negative! I'm going to test at the end of the week.


Angie - November 23

Did you take a pregnancy test? Missed period,tender b___sts and just feeling like pms.. :) Good luck


Grandpa Viv - November 23

The posts above cover most of the bases and show how variable the symptoms can be from woman to woman and from one pregnancy to the next. There is also the category "I had no symptoms". Additional symptoms sometimes posted include more frequent urination, heartburn, unusual sensitivity to select smells and tastes. While the home tests advertise "4 days before", it seems like the best plan is to wait until a normal period is a week overdue, and if necessary test again a week later. Karen, Sparkles and Ruthie, if you are, we wish you the best!


Anne - November 24

Can someone help me please I have been trying for 2 months now and have had unprotected s_x since day 11 to 16 to try - the thing is I am now on Day 19 and for the last 2 days i have really sore nipples - never get this - not feeling nausea sick - just small cramp in my stomach - no "implantation bleeding " ( cos i dont know what it is ) I am not due my period untill tomorrow week - could I be ??? please can some one reply THANKS !


Ruthie - November 24

I read that sometimes, women who are desperate for a baby, and are checking LH surges etc, can be so obsessed by it that it causes a period to be late, and a 'phantom pregnancy' begins. You usually experience the early signs of pregnancy and it can make your period VERY late. I think I might be in this situation. I am not going to get my hopes up until I do a test at the end of the week, then if it is negative, I will go to my doctors. Good Luck Everyone! Thanks for all your advice....will keep you posted!


Anne - November 24

Ruthie, you may be right as far as convincing myself is concerned although I am being realistic about it and have really sore b___sts thats all though no inclination to vomit and still love my food - heres hoping to both of us ! I am a bit put off by the tests that come back negative even if period is day or more late -


Jane - November 24

Anne, When I was first pregnant my first symptom was sore b___sts and nipples...I had No idea I was pregnant!!


Ruthie - November 25

I tested positive this morning and I'm sooooooooo happy!!! i can't believe it. I thought I was convincing myself. It just goes to show that being tuned into your body and it's cycles really helps. I can start looking after myself and baby properly now! It's such a relief! Anne (and all hoping for a pregnancy) I wish you al the best...this has taught me that your body is always right! I'm glad I listened to it! I'm so excited!


Dee - November 25

I think I may be pregnant but I really dont know can anyone help!?!? I had a period on the 13th October and then one v.light one that only lasted 2 days! the past 2 weeks I have been feeling very tired, snappy, sore b___bs (especially around the nipple area) nausea throughout the day, severe stomach pains, back pains, about a week ago I was constipated, I have gone of a cuppa tea but thats about it and havent had much v____al discharge but a little bit, Please tell me if you think I am pregnant! I really would be happy although I want to know for certain and cant wait for payday for me to get a test! Thanx


Anne - November 25

Ruthie , congratulations , that is excellent news , I am happy for you - i know what the waiting is like - watch this space in about another 10/12 days I will post my result ,


Karen - November 25

Congradulations Ruthie I am so happy for you. I wish you and the baby all the best. I wish I could know what that feeling feels like


Anne - November 25

Jane, Thanks for your confidence boost - I hope so - Did You feel pre mestrual at all with that - slight cramps some times the soreness goes but reallly in the evening and at night its really there ,if it is pre menstrual symptom I have never had this before


Ruthie - November 25

Anne and Karen, thank you for your best wishes. I wish you both the best of luck. You will know what it feels like as soon as it happens, but don't take a test until five days after you missed your period, or you will be soooo confused like I was. Use the Early Bird pregnancy test. It's a VERY sensitive test :) Anyway....I going home from work for something to eat and a nap!!



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