What Are These Cold Symptoms

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Morning glory - February 7

Hi, I was reading through the questions and answers and am curious about everyone having these cold symptoms that are a sign of pregnancy. Exactly what kind of cold symptoms are ya'll having? Do they make you really think that you have a cold or is it just mild symptoms like a runny nose or sore throat? I feel like I have a cold right now, but I think it really is a cold. However, I do suspect that I may be pregnant because I had what I suspected, but am unsure, could be have been implantation bleeding. Also, usually I cramp the week before my period, and I'm not. My period should be due in about 5 days. Anyway, I really do think I just have a cold, but I am wanting to know what are these cold symptoms that are signs of pregnancy? Thanks.


j. - February 7

I'm wondering the same thing. I've had the cold for the past few days. It seems to be going away now(and that's without medication). I was sneezing a lot and was very congested. Throat was a bit irritated too. How's your cm Morning glory? The last month and a half, I have not experienced a dry phase. My cm has been very much there(tmi) whether it's lotiony or of clear consistency. Could this be all in my head or what is the deal here?


Morning glory - February 7

Hi j.! My cm is not as dry as normal, but there isn't a lot of it either. My periods have been very irregular the past few months. So I'm thinking it's possible that maybe I'm just now ovulating and my period is going to be late again. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I really don't have a clue if I'm pregnant or not. I just know it's possible because we bedded around when I think I ovulated. Have you taken an hpt yet??


anoble - February 7

hi morning glory and j, im in my 2ww and about 3-4 days ago, i got a sore throat but only on my left side and then 2 days later it switched to my right but now all soreness is gone. i didnt feel sick or anything, no fever, no nothing just a sore throat. im due for af on the 14th, well i think that day. how long do your cycles usually run? my last cycle was only 21 days. i feel like i'm irregular, but people say its normal. my usually cycles for the past year have been 26 days on the head. so maybe my cycle is changing again. so if i use my 26 day cycle af should be here on valentines day but if i use the 21 day one it will be here on the 10th. either way i dont want it.


Morning glory - February 7

Hi anoble! My cycles are usually 32-36 days apart. My last period came after 7 weeks! So I missed my period for December. For about two months before that my period came about 40-45 days apart. Screwed up isn't it? So who knows if I could be pregnant. Good Luck with you.


j. - February 7

hi ladies....my cycle are normally 28-31 days, but I noticed for the last 2 months af has showed up at least 2-3 days early. For Jan. it wasn't as full b__wn as normal, though to me, it felt like it was my usual flow. I guess just a little lighter and a tad bit shorter. Anyway, do you ladies know if it's possible to o by day 10 or 11 of your cycle? Because I noticed some ewcm on both of those days and my bf and I had unprotected s_x.....when are you ladies going to test?


anoble - February 7

i plan on testing around valentines day. thats when my true af is suppost to arrive. or i just may wait until that friday. i dont want to be sad on v-day and ruin a nice day. and it is possible to o earlier than normal. your lf will just be longer for you because you have a normal length cycle.


Blossom - February 7

hey girls I never thought about the cold signs but I myself have been thinking I might be preggo but I cant test till valentines either but since week 1 after conception i did get a soar throat and a mild cold with a lot of sneazing just lasted 3-4 days and it was gone along with my other signs taht i dont know if its my head but i have excessive thirst and very bloated ga__sy and have pains on my ribs cages i have Been working out and seem to get tired sooner and i have felt very exhausted and tired and to mention some cramping very weird some nausea here n there not really though well I will wait n see good luck to all u waiting to be able to test


Deb - February 8

It is cold and flu season. I think it is a coincidence that people are experiencing cold symptoms and then finding out they are pregnant. I don't think it is a symptom, I think it is a cold.


lauren h - February 8

I have been having cold symptoms, but I definitely DO NOT have a cold. I feel great!


lorih - February 10

When I got pregnant with my daughter I felt like I was coming down with a cold. It lasted a weekend and then went away. I tested a week or so later and was pregnant. I have read several times that cold like symptoms could be a sign of pregnancy. Best of luck to you all!!!


j. - February 12

Anything new with you ladies on this post? The congestion and cold/flu that I had went away after a few days. But this weekend(sunday), ALL day I've been congested once again, icky and am having more cold/flu symptoms again. They've come back. What is this all about? I had abdominal pain ALL weekend as well(mainly before I go to bed and waking up in the morning)! Anyone else feeling this?


anoble - February 13

i have had that too j. i had a very strong pinching feeling in my uterus last night for about a minute or so. i have been sneezing but i think its due to allergies, and cigerette smoke....i hate that stuff. but every night for the last 4 days when i went to bed, i would get a queeziness feeling and very weird sensations in my stomach. so im keeping my fingers crossed.


liannacathryn - February 13

Hello fellow cold symptomers! I have also been trying to conceive this month and I am suppose to start AF today or tomorrow, but yesteray I came down with cold or what I think is a cold. I am very congested and I have a nauseated feeling. It feels like it is going away by itself with no medication and that is very quick for me. I will test in a couple of days and let you know if it really is a prego symptom! Best of luck to you all! Oh P.S. a couple of mommies I know said they had colds right before they found out they were prego and they now know that it is a symptom for them! Good luck to you all!


cdpace88 - May 8

I am ttc for my second month off of the pill. this was the first month i ovulated. now, 5dpo, I am experience cold symptoms with lots of sneezing and a sore throat. Add another person to the list of girls with colds who are hoping it means they're pregnant! :)


sob - May 17

Hello all, I am TTC for 2 years and from this month am on Clomid and Duphoston tablet. I am so anxious to conceive. This is my CD17 and need to wait for few more days to take the test. However i am planning on taking the blood test in a week as i have symptom of cold and lots of sneezing. Also is it proper to look at the color change in pee every morning? This i think is caused due to HCG level in urine. Can anyone confirm if this is true pls? Good luck to all



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