What Can Cause Slight Pains In The Vagina

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???????? - November 24

Is this associated with pregnancy? I am not sure if i am preg or not my last period was on october 1st it is now nov 24 I want to take atest but I have had so many problems getting pregnant in 2002 on dec 26 i found out I was pregnant and then on the next day I was in the er I had an ectopic pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying for 9 years to have a baby at that time. Now I don't want to get my hopes up and find out I am not pregnant. I have some other symptoms as well I will go on more with them later.thank you


Christine - November 24

You are overly late...and should test...if you are pregnant indeed it should come out positive...I'm sorry about your loss, but you need to be careful incase it happens again...they must have told you the severity of ectopic pregnancy...and of course the down part is that once you have had one you have a higher risk of having another...I wish you and your husband luck...hopefully this time it will be a healthy beautiful pregnancy...


???????? - November 24

Thank you I know I shoult test, I am going to my families tomorrow and I think my sister has a test for me to take. The other night my husband told me my nipples have gotten bigger, I have noticed it to also my nipples are sore and the center of it kind of looks white, also I have these dark veins on them aslo some veins on the side of my stomach I know I need to test and I am just really scared for the outcome I would love to be pregnant that is all we want. Also I have had some wierd dreams of taking a test and it comes out possitive then blonks off and on neg and then poss. Thanks for any info you can give me


Grandpa Viv - November 24

We'll all say a prayer for you at Thanksgiving dinner. The veins on the abdomen (and on the b___bs) are pretty indicative that something is going on, and you have missed a period too! Pains in the v____a are often the muscles that support the uterus stretching. I have talked to other women who get a case of the nervous in situations like yours, and even put off taking a test almost indefinitely for fear of getting a negative. I encourage you to get it done. Good luck!



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