What Causes Random Spotting

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MAC_33 - January 27

Do any of you ladies know what causes random spotting? You know like the spotting that's just sorta brown and mixed with creamy cm. I know that there's ovulation spotting (ewcm with a sliver of blood mixed in) and then there's also the spotting that you get a day or two before AF that seems to be a bit more of a watery brown consistancy that's caused by the forthcoming shedding of the uterus. But what I'm curious to know is what cuases the mid-cycle spotting that is within the 2ww or even the mid-cycle spotting that is present during anovulatory cycles (that would be my case). Does anyone know?


b__terfly kisses - January 27

Hey girlie I found a great site about this, cuz I have it too!! Check this out: beyondfertility.com/art238.htm I'd like to guess that low progesterone is the culprit for me b/c of my low temps but who knows.... :o)


MAC_33 - January 27

Hey Chic! Actually I was thinking about you too when I typed this question remembering that you had some spotting the past two cycles as well. My temp has been dropping the past few days so I thought that AF might be showing up way early, plus I woke yesterday morning to a temp in the low 97s, felt AF cramps, then went to the bathroom to find a clump of brown cm. A bit more brown cm came out when I wiped later and then today more brown cm. I had a few more AF like cramps yesterday afternoon but mostly feeling a lot of pinching in my left ovary for the past two days. Kris, have you ever had a cyst on your ovary? I've never had one...that I know of...but the pinching and spotting just feels strange to me and I want to know what the hell causes it!


MAC_33 - January 27

okay, I just read the article and now I'm more confused! So why is it you think that you have the spotting? Your's only lasted one day, not several days, right?


jezebel1018 - January 27

i actually had some of that this month and i never do. i almost brought my panty liner back to my desk to show my gf...but then common sense arrived and i just threw it out. i am def not pregnant as af is arriving directly and its not like we had s_x after o (poor husband) so it wasnt from s_x, not that i usually spot after s_x, im just sayin. i wonder why it happens sometimes too.


jezebel1018 - January 27

& brown w/creamy is exactly what i had


b__terfly kisses - January 28

I did not have a cyst diagnosed ever, but I have felt pinching sometimes. No, it's not days worth of spotting... the first one this cycle was literally a DOT of red with clear cm and the second one I have marked was brown with creamy cm, and again, only with ONE wipe. I have no clue. Getting old sucks. :o( I used to be able to tell you when I was gonna get AF by looking at a calendar.


keerthy - January 28

girls i am in the same situation! u must have read the other thread of mine! given bllood, urine and swab tests....w aiting for results!


MAC_33 - January 29

Okay, I'm trying to move beyond my quest to know all things about my body but now am searching high and low on the internet to find out about wierd CM! Tell me if you girls know anything about this please....I've had this nasty spotting for a few days, you know the brown creamy gunk. Anyway, last night in the shower I was kinda trying to clean it out with my fingers and pulled out this glob of cm. It was super super thick and slimey, kinda reminded me of that slime stuff you used to play with as a child. It was of course kinda brown b/c of all the spotting and maybe a tablespoon in amount. Do you think that my body might be trying to ovulate? Or do you think that my hormones are just f*cked up and creating the wierd cm? Here's my chart ~ fertilityfriend.com/home/1b6e96


bbutler0714 - January 29

MAC- I took a look at your chart. Since you missed two temps, it looks like fertility friend isn't going to say for sure if you ovulated around CD23 or not. However, looking at your pattern you may have ovulated at that time, and what your experiencing MAY be implantation bleeding, since you had a + OPK, and BD'd around that time. Also, I am not sure how long your cycle tends to be, but for example if it's >35Days or so, you may be ovulating around this time.


jezebel1018 - January 29

well now thats a weird chart huh...i would say any day from the 18th to the 23/24th are suspect for o day soooooo this could be the elusive ib that everyone strives for!!!


MAC_33 - January 29

Thanks girls but I'm not feeling it :) I also thought that I was ovulating sometime around CD23 but then my temps went back down. I just don't see how those low temps are possible if I actually O'd last week...the progesterone would have made the temps higher right? I had some cramping and pinching around my left ovary all weekend when I was spotting which is what made me think that maybe now I'm O'ing...Ah, who knows my cycles is all screwed up...I think I'm gonna have to get some meds. BTW BButler, my cycles are around 40 days.



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