What Causes You To Skip A Period

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stephannpruitt - May 15

I am 8 days late on my period, I had a quantatative HCG blood test today which came back negative. What can cause you to skip your period besides pregnancy of course? I know it can be do to annovulation, but are there any other medical reasons??


Ceno - May 15

Well, since you know you're not pregnant, you're not skipping a period. It's merely delayed. A delayed period is can be the result of a delayed ovulation, meaning you ovulated later than expected this cycle (indicating your cycles are changing). It could also be due to stress, any hormonal medications you may be taking, or in general any medication. It could also be due to a change in diet or exercise pattern.


kellie - May 15

It's scary, I'm 20 days late! My blood work came back negative as well as about 5 HPT's. I just came off the pill in December so my body may still be adjusting, but I am praying that AF shows up this month.


stephannpruitt - May 15

I came off the pill in February, after I had a ectopic pregnancy (i got pregnant while on the pill) So maybe my body is still adjusting too??


couldbee - May 16

Steph, I know how you feel, I am 8 days late too, with 1 neg hpt I have been off the pill for nearly 3 years and my period is always regular so i don't know what is going on The only thing that has changed is that I am taking folic acid but surely that wouldn't change anything like that?


stephannpruitt - May 16

AF showed up for me this evening so on to a new month :)


madison - May 16

hey everyone- i am in the same situation. i am now 3 days late but HPT's are all negative. i am going to wait a few more days and see what happens. i had a miscarriage in feb. (was 9 weeks) but have had 2 normal 28 day cycles since then, and before my m/c i always had normal cycles. also- i use OPK's each month and this month i had my darkest surge on day 14 and 15, so thats right on schedule. i am very confused!


BrendaW - May 17

It takes 6-12 days for the fertilized egg to implant (according to what I have read) so a positive pg test could come anywhere between cd10 and cd16 I would think. I would wait a day or two (if you can :) ) and test again. Good Luck!


BrendaW - May 17

That was for Madison-


couldbee - May 17

Mine came today too steph :) At least we know!


madison - May 17

thanks brenda for the posting. i had the darkest surge showing on my opk's on april 29 and 30th so i think i O right around then. i am going to test again tomorrow morning and see what happens. tomorrow i will be 5 days late.



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