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wondering - October 17

I am almost a week late on my period. I had uprotected s_x about a week and two days ago. I took a preg test three to be exact and i am not pregnant. how ever i am feeling very nauais and very tired. any one got any advice???


to Wondering - October 17

I would go to your dr and get a blood test done. Those can tell you better than urine tests can. Planned parenthood does them. Also, if you want to take a urine test, try a more sensitive brand. www.peeonastick.com has some great comparisons between pg tests to tell which ones are the most sensitive (can pick up the smallest amount of hcg in the urine). Hope this helps!


thanks - October 17

thanks for the help.


Lauren - October 17

I had an ultrasound and a blood test done. the ultrasound came up with nothing but i have yet to hear about the blood test. is it possible that an ultrasound, even a v____al one, would not pick up an early pregnancy?


wondering - October 17

i feel diffrent. i have 2 kids already. i just did not think that it was likely for me to be pregnant right be fore my period was suppose to be due.


Ashley - October 17

I was 12 days late for Af when I got my FIRST BFP.....Good Luck!


wondering - October 17

what is a BFP??


depo - October 17

can the depo shot still affect ovulation even if it has been months since i had an injection???


Pepsi - October 17

BFP is Big Fat Positive, for an HPT. To Lauren: I can only a__sume that if they did an ultrasound to look inside the uterus, and did not find a yolk sak or anything that you're not pg, it all depends on what kind of ultrasound they did. Most likely it wasn't the kind where they look at the outsude if the uterus and surrounding organs (ovaries, etc.). To Depo: I have seen posts from women who have gone an entire year without O after coming off the shot. Best bet is to take it up with a doctor. There's also lots of info on the web about that shot. But to answer your question, yes, it can be one cycle or many cycles after the shot that you do not O. Hope this helps you all. I tried to get each of you in there. I just hate it when people ignore my posts. Baby dust!


bfp - October 17

bfp means pos. pregnancy test..



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