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Kandee - November 5

My husband and I aren't exactly "trying" to have a baby, we are just going with the "if it happens, it happens" theory. Last month my period came 5 days late but only lasted 2 days (first day a little lighter than a normal heavy period second day mostly spotting). So I took a no name brand test and neg. That was two weeks ago. Since the time I have had light symptoms such as... tiredness, frequent urination, acne (very rare for me), gas and light constipation (I know tmi), my br___ts are tender but no change in colour (but there is a milky substance when espressed), a few times nausiousness and a few times I have had a different sort of cramp - like a feeling of stretching also in the last few days I have gained 2 kg (about 5 lbs) - I have been extra hungry but not subsiding to junk foods (ex I will grab a piece of fruite when hungry). I know all these things could be all in my head since I have worked myself up a little. I do want to have a child - I have a daughter that is 7 and I think it's about time for another. Oh... I don't want to keep buying preg tests cuz the cheapest ones are 7 euro's here. should I just wait another two weeks to see if my period comes?


citrouille - November 5

Sounds like you have some signs although I'm surprised that you would have liquidy substances coming out of your b___sts.. You could see a doctor and get a blood test done. They tend to be more accurate and pick up lower levels of hcg.


Viv - November 5

What I think may have happened here is that you ovulated late, the "period" was implantation, you took a test almost immediately, which was at least a week and probably two weeks too soon. I would take another test now, and check out the price of prenatal vitamins while at the counter (actually they say you should be taking those vitamins before getting pregnant). We wish you luck.


Kandee - November 7

Thank you for your advice... I did go out and buy a preg test and this time it was possitive. I will be making an appt. with my dr. tomorrow and I have already bought my vitamins. Thanks again!


Miky - November 7

Kandee, congratulations!!!! xxx How long do you think you are? Your story has given me hope! I am 22 days late, but I am now getting some bleeding, like a light period? Have other symptoms though! oh and I am not in any pain, which I do normally get when I am on? wierd!?! Anyway please let me know how long it took you to get a positive test?


Kandee - November 7

I guess by my calculations I would be almost 7 weeks preg. Like I said above I took a test right after the bleeding and it was neg. Then I a__sumed I wasn't preg so I just carried on but still had these symptoms so a week and a half later I took another and it was positive. Good Luck to you xxx



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