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ami18 - June 20

ALRIGHT.... I HAVE SOMETHING THAT IS BOTHERING ME THAT IS KEEPING ME UP AT NIGHT... HOPEFULLY YOU CAN HELP ME OUT.... alright well as you know, when a women has an instinct that she is pregnant, the feeling is most likely correct. Well i have been feeling that i am since the end of April..i was having s_x in April, around my ovulation time.... i got my AF.. but it lasted for 1/2 a day..... i took a test in beginning of may... Negative!!!.......But i felt that something could be wrong, especially when at the end of may i got my " period" once again, but lasted for 4 days instead of 7 and had odd coloring threw out the time of bleeding... first, started out with a bright pink, then switched to a dark brown, then had the normal color but had little coloring of each pink and brown.... but at my 4Th day, i had some brown spotting and then it stopped. I know that it is wrong of me to not have gone to the Dr sooner, but i have called the Dr and have made apt. but, every time i do, something comes up. Well, i am taking a trip to Florida to see my family that lives up there and i really need to go to the clinic.. This is something that has been on my mind because if i am, it is time for me to start taking the vitamins... but i was just wondering, is there anything that i can do, to keep this baby healthy, any type of foods to eat,etc, until i get the nutrients that the baby needs.... please help me out... this is something that is keeping me up at night, i need someones advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bean - June 20

Hopefully congrats are in order! The best advice you can get for taking care of your baby is to take care of yourself. Get a good night's sleep. Don't stress. Enjoy moderate exercise (walk daily). Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Take a daily multi-vitamin. All these things you should be doing for you, anyway. For the baby, make sure you are getting enough folic acid. That means taking your multi-vitamin and eating lots of greens (salads, spinach, brocolli, etc). Also try folic acid fortified fruit juices (although they are sweet and high in calories). I find that if I eat a bowl of Total cereal in the morning (which has 100% of all my vitamins), and then also take a multi-vitamin at night, that I'm making double-sure I'm getting everything I need. But most importantly, relax. You need to stay strong and healthy for you and the baby! Good luck!


K - June 20

go to the store and buy prenatals.


ami18 - June 20

thank you all for your advice... i did not know that i can buy prenatals at the store. I thought that they can only be sumskribed to you by the dr. Well that is good to know. I belive that i have been takeing good care of myslef... i got a little skared yestruday because my cousins, they are fairly young and enjoy it when i push them into the pull, and i did, and i belive, that i exerted to much of my energy and force so i stoped, more of because my stomcah started cramping a little bit on the sides. No sign of blood, so hopefuly everything goes well. I have been drinking water and sprite. But for the past week, its been water EVERYDAY. to a point were its tireing. well again, thanks for the advice given.....



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