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emma - January 23

my last period was on 8th dec 04 and i was due again in 8th jan 05 i have always had my period on the 8th but no later than the 10th, but im now 15 days over due. the sypmtoms i have are: bloatiness, clear discharge, severe tiredness,peeing alot,getting hunfgry more than usual, lower back ache, mood swings,slight heart burn, sore nipples, my tummy is slightly hard, and also had some constipation, ive done 4 home pregnancy tests which have all come back neg and also i had a blood test done a week ago roughly which also came back neg, ive had 2 other children before and the tests didnt show up pos until i was about 3 months gone, Do you think i could be expecting again ???? any advice would be great


B'Lana - January 23

You have all the simptoms I have ;) What test are you using? Sounds like you need to start preparing your other children about potential addition to your family ;) Best of luck!


emma - January 23

hi there B'Lana im using the clear blue digital but i have found out today you need 100ml levels for it to pick up a postive result. Have you been confirmed that your pregnant ???


kat - January 23

emma try first responce,thats meant to be the most sensitive......good luck.


Jess - January 23

I've heard some people don't test positive until like 3 months, from what I have read it not as uncommon as people think


B'Lana - January 23

Emma, hi, no I have not confirmed it yet. 1st I was scared, then I was snowed in, so got the test today and will test 1st thing in the morning... I got the 1st response three pack, so if it's negative, I'll do it again in a week, meanwhile schedule a dr. appointment to see if something else is wrong :) I heard also that some people don't test positive till 3rd month, w/ home stuff AND dr.'s blood test. So, even if it's not + I am going to monitor my diet and health just in case :) Best of luck! I hope your wish will come true with a very healthy baby :)


Emma - January 25

well i went to see my Dr again today and he sent me for another blood test to measure the amount of the hormone levels i have. Hopefully i should have the resukts back friday morning .....fingers crossed. If that result comes back neg then i will be having further investigations,cos im so sick and tired of waiting for somthing to happen. Will post up when i know more


B'Lana - January 25

Emma, don't get discouraged. My husband decided that since my test (home) came negative yesterday, I am not pg. Went on medical website and diagnosed me w/ heart angina... yeah right... then he wanted to know what was that white stuff that comes out of me (white/creamy discharge) I told him that it's a sign of pg. So he diagnosed me w/ STD of some sort (totally impossible, we are High School sweethearts and neither ever had anybody else :) ) So I guess the way he deals w/ situation is denial. (Meanwhile told me to save up money and got me a waterbottle so I can consume 8 gla__ses of water a day...) I hope everything goes well with you! and BTW, my mom didn't get + blood test till she was 4 months pg... on her both pregnancies.


emma - January 25

thanks B'lana, its just so annoying the not not knowing, how are you anyway ???


B'Lana - January 25

Emma, I totally relate to your feelings about waiting... that's how I feel. As to how I am- was nausias till 1pm, now crampy, but in a different way not like previously around period... I want it to be the 30 so I can either get a period or know its late... I wish I could know for sure yes or no and either start getting my life together, or continue my plan from before.... Best of luck to you!


Emma - January 28

well the latest up date is still no period and the blood test still came back negative (that was the hormone level one) it came back as less then 1. so im still confused on whats going on


emma - January 30

this morning i woke up due to mega tummy cramps and back pain and went to the loo and saw im bleeding also having clotts aswell, ????????????????????????????


B'Lana - January 30

Does it look like your regular period? I tested negative again... 2 days past due now...


emma - January 31

no its not like my normal period this one is has been very painful and my tummy is very hard at the top and very very tender at the bottom in the pelvic area, the slightest pressure and it hurts real bad and its very very heavy at the moment( a pad lasts a hour max) any advice any one pleaseeeeeeeee.


QLeO - January 31

emma, not trying to be mean or anything... but may be it's a miscarriage...? Have you seen a doc yet?


emma - February 8

well i was bleeding for all of 3 days then it stoped all of a sudden, my normal period start date is the 8th and guess what nothing has happened today as yet talk about confusing


kat - February 9

i dont like saying this emma,but i agree with QLeO,it does sound a bit like m/c,you should get to the doctors,good luck.



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