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quigleymomof3 - October 8

Ok, so this is just for me to try and waste time until i find out. Here's the story line. First I will tell ya a little history and research and such. 6 years ago I had my tubes tied. For the past 6 months, my little clock has been going nutz. I figured oh well ain't like i can get pregnant. Then just this month I started to spot (which NEVER has happened before) I had mild cramps along with it. After two days I started my period, well I thought it was my period. It was extremely lighter with no cramps (I usually have cramps that kill me almost). I just figured ok very ODD. My so called period lasted three days. Which normally lasts 5-6 and such. I called my doctor last friday to find out what he thought might be going on. and well he says that my tubes may have grown back(well at least one) and the possibilities I might be pregnant. I laughed very hard at that. Now don't get me wrong both my husband and I want a baby but we also understand that my tubes were tied so NO BABY! Now here are some of my so called symptoms.. nasuea, very tired, lower back ache, peeing a little more, more gas then usual, moody, EXTREMELY emotional, a little dizzy. The funny thing was when i was pregnant with my other three if i could smell alcohol wether it is beer or hard liquor I would get very sick. and last night my husband and a drink and when he went to kiss me i could smell it and ended up running to the bathroom. The doctor did say because i was only 21 when i had my tubes tied that there is a very high chance that they grew back together because a woman doesn't actually stop growing until she is around 26 years old. So, that made me go HMMMMMM. But, anyways just wondering on everyones little insight to what they might think. I am scheduled for a pg test at the doctors in two weeks. I do feel a change but not quite sure i am pregnant but my hubby says he can bet on it, why i have no clue.



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