What Do You Think Am I Pregnant

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Jill - May 12

Okay. Heres whats going on- I had s_x on the 8th, 15th of April. And then I got my period on the 19th or what I thought was my period. I think I might have been implantation bleedin-If I gotten pregnant on the 8th-How long does it take to implant. A week after that br___ts starting getting sore and tender. And my nipples are senstive to the touch. The area around my nipple looks bigger and a little bigger. My br___ts look like the there a little fuller. What do you think? My period isn't due until next week. Thanks for any help.


blueeyedgirl - May 12

Jill - what you had could have been implantation bleeding - that usually takes place 3-6 days after the egg is fertilised in the fallopian tube. Signs sound like you could be pregnant.; I'd test if I were you (but then I am addicted to the things!!) love Blue x


kate - May 12

jill---good luck. i thought the same happened to me. i was so upset to get a negative result.hopefully this month things will work out. good luck to you.


Jill - May 12

Thanks. I am going to wait and see if my period comes next and it doesn't. I am going to test. xxxxxxxx Crossing my fingers.


Lisa - May 12

Can anyone please tell me what could it mean when you have no signs of pregnancy or af? AF is due 5/15. Had intercourse 4/29, 4/30. Ovulation began on 5/1 but I felt ovulation on the 30th so I rushed home! What could my status be?


Bump - May 12



Grandpa Viv - May 12

Lisa, your status could be "had well timed s_x, no signs of AF when expected, possibly pregnant, start testing May 22 if a normal AF has not arrived". Good luck!


Jen - May 12

I am so confussed. I took a opk on the 2 and thought that it was positive and then again on the 4 and again thought it was positive so dh and i started bding and thought all was good. Well the other day the 10th i took another opk test because i felt kinda like I was ovulating so now I have no idea. What day was it most likely to be? The past couple of days I have had a lot of cm and that is very wierd for me. I am on cd 20. I have no idea.



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