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nat - November 21

hiya , i was wondering if a few of you could just take a few mins out and tell me what you think ? My last period was on the 27th oct , i then had s_x on the 5th and 6th nov and again 9th 10th and 11th nov . my cycle is 31 days which means my nxt period should be on the 26th nov . i went to the toilet 21st nov and when i wiped when i finished there was a bit of blood on the toilet paper ( soz if 2 much details ) but none on sanatry towel after few hours . could this be implantation bleeding or just a wired period . i also have period like cramps , but coming and goin ? what do you all think ? thanx 4 reading


j. - November 21

It could very well be ib. Is it still present now? The best thing to do is wait until the day af is due and test. Or you can use the Early Response which is as close to 4 days prior to af is due. You do have a high chance since you bd during your most fertile days! Good Luck!


Daisy Jean - November 21

Seems way early for your af. Could be IB or could just be weirdness. I would take as one positive sign, but not as a certainty. You should be able to start testing pretty soon. Good luck and baby dust.


nat - November 21

if it is ib , is it normol to get period like cramps ?


*andrea* - November 21

ide say it could be ib . From what i know from what i went threw , it lasted for 2days not a lot of blood , only a bit on pad , and it is quite normol to get period like pains around this time . gud luck .... !


?????? - November 22

best bet is to wait a day or two and do a test . if you worried go and visit your GP asap .


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Ovulation would have been about the 12th, so your timing was good. A suggestion of IB and off time cramps (tugging feeling?) is also good. Not tired or peeing more, no weird discharge? Oh well, some have no signs to speak of. Test on the 30th first pee if no AF, and again a week later if needed. Good luck!


to Grandpa viv - November 22

yep the last week ive been feeling recked and the last few days aint bin of the loo , but to tell the truth , i think ive bin goin more cos ive been checkin if there blood on the pad etc ( which there only bin like tiny spots on ) will let u all know how i get on . thanx


Jen - November 22

Hey Nat, did af show? I wonder because I was having the same thing. What I thought was af showed 4-5 days early and it was just pink discharge. I read into implantation bleeding and it said 1/3 women get it and mistake it for an early period. The pink has stopped so I will see if regular af comes. And yes, you can feel implantation cramping according to the sites. Let me knnow : )


jen from nat - November 23

Hiya Jen , well the bit of blood i had has stopped this mornin , so i had it monday nite and tuesday , but only there when i wiped and none 2day , that means my AF should b round sat 26th nov in another 4days from 2day . The Cramps when after a few hours and aint had them since .so i guess ill also c wot happends when my af is due . gud luck and hope u get the result u want .



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