What Do You Think My Chances Are

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Jenna - February 3

Ok heres whats been happening. Feeling natious almost constantly Absoulutly exhausted Slight tempreture Really forgetfull and family has taken to calling me "Space Cadet" lol. Tummy has gotten a little rounder and firmer B--ts are fuller Heartburn Dizzy spells Occasional pains in the tummy (specially right side and under ribs) Thirsty all the time and peeing a lot constapated some days and others have diarea Metallic taste in mouth Craving thickshakes (even though i'm not a big milk drinker) and a few other things that come and go oh and i've got a line from by belly button down (thats new) but the thing is i've still been getting my period, its not as long or heavy and i'm not getting sick like usual but its still there. If I am I would of concieved end of september I think so I would be about 3 months along. I had blood and urine tests yesterday (general ones not specificatly for pregnancy although I think the doctor suspects) What do you think the chances of be being pregnant are? Thanks so much i'm just so confused.


Jenna - February 3

Forgot to say I took some home tests early on, 2 at about a week and 1 at about 3 weeks and they were all negative. Considering i'm still getting my periods even though I have all the above things going on do you think i'm just crazy. I just would like to know what my chances are. Thanks so much.


Grandpa Viv - February 3

If the doc saw a Linea Nigra (line from the belly b___ton) and didn't think of pregnancy, something is wrong. How come you were in the doctor's office and didn't ask? He could certainly give you a better answer than we, though it sure sounds as though you are. Pains on right side under ribs sounds like gall bladder. See if it comes after a fatty meal (burger and fries).


Jenna - February 3

Doctor was a bit weird, I don't know I just didn't feel comfortable. She didn't come out and say I think you are, I don't know just something she said. But anyway I had to have a blood and urine test so hopefully it will come up in that if I am, was just wondering what my chances were. I suppose I just feel stupid thinking I may be when I have been having my period and have had neg results. I only get the pain under ribs if I sit a certain way apart from that its not really there. Thanks


S - February 3

Hi... I don't know much but from what I have seen on this site and on the web the reason for the negative results and still getting periods COULD be because you still don't have enough of your pregnancy hormone. Therefore a test won't show a positive and it isn't high enough to stop your periods.... if I'm wrong I'm really sorry... has anyone else heard this? Good luck Jenna! (P.S. You could just take another test now... maybe it will show up... by three months you would think you would be able to get an accurate reading!)


Jenna - February 4

Thanks for your help guys, this waiting is driving me crazy. I'm due for my next period next wednesday and i'm fully expecting it. Last few months have just been just a roller coaster.



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