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Sharada - April 22

I started my period on 04/08/08 and it lasted until 04/12/08. My husband and I had s_x on 04/13/08, 04/14/08, 04/16/08, 04/17/08, 04/19/08, 04/21/08. Friday *04/18/08* I was SO tired. I had to go take a nap at 4:30 in the afternoon. Same thing happened today at 2:30 in the afternoon. I NEVER do this, as I take medicine to help me sleep at night. The tips of my nipple are sore. I am bloated. Lately, I have not been very hungry. Last night I had some left low back pain. I am not supposed to start my period until 05/08/08. I do not know when I ovulate because just started keeping track of my period, but I think I have a 30 - 32 day cycle. I am 25 years old. My husband is 29. 04/13/08 started us trying to children for the first time ever. What do you think?


pod - April 22

Well according to the fertility chart you are getting ready to O. On a 30 day cycle you should O around the 24th Thurs. Since it varies from 30-32, you should O between the 24th-26th. So you should start bd'ing soon. They say the best way to get pregnant and not miss your fertile days, to just start bd'ing once your period ends every other day. You can look up o days on several different websites. But as you keep trying you will start to notice when you are O'ing. Like the mild cramps and cervical mucous. Believe me, when you start ttc, you get to learn your body and what's going on with it very well. But my advice is to just relax and have fun before you really start trying. We have been trying for a while and it gets robotic and nerve racking. Good luck to ya.


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Could you be tired from too many late nights? Have you recently quit bc pills? Don't obssess about getting pregnant, it will very likely happen inside 6 months if you just relax and enjoy it. The best nights for bd start 2 weeks after your last period. Good luck!


annmarie - April 22

I agree that you should BD every other day after your period to cover your bases. I have to disagree with Grandpa Viv though. The past 2 months I have O'd on days 11 & 13. If I would have waited 2 weeks I would have missed them both. Your symptoms definitely sound more like O though. It's way too early to be pregnant. Good luck and welcome to the crazy world of ttc.


Naomi98 - April 22

Also disagree with Grandpa Viv on "two weeks after last period" thing. Every woman has a different ovulation pattern, even with a regular 28 day cycle. While the 14th day is a good marker, ovulation can happen several days before or after, depending on the length of your luteal phase and your cycle. I've 27-29 day cycles and I ovulated on day 14 only once in the past 7 months. You can pinpoint ovulation either by charting (free but takes a bit of commitment) or using opk's (expensive but instant results). You're midcycle now so possibly still in your fertile period and definitely not experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Good luck on your ttc journey!



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