What Do Your Cramps Feel Like

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cherryrosebud13 - January 21

I am newly pregnant and I been having what it feels to be like period cramps but alot less painful, i'd say bareable but noticeable.. Anyone else have these cramps? and I was sitting down looking at something on the internet and I got up and then all the sudden I got these sudden quick sharp pinchy pains in my lower abdomen... Was this normal..? They only lasted for like 5 seconds. I get these pinchy pains once in a while also but not sudden.. Is that normal too? That sitting down thing happened yeterday. Well today I sneezed and i felt this cramp that didn't really hurt but it was a cramp, and it only lasted the time my sneeze did which was just a second or so. This normal? This is my first child and it's late at night so I figured I would just get some insight from you lovely ppl. Thank you.


kristie h - January 21

Hi i am 6 weeks pregnant and i had the SAME thing!! I got the af cramps the day i tested posttive (the day af was due) and it only lasted the lenghth my period would of lasted. The pulling stretching feeling i had that also, i would speek to your doctor about that. Good luck!!


KELLYR - January 21

I am 8 days late for my period - although i have only been off the pill for a few months so not exactly sure about my cycle length yet. Three weeks ago I had mild, dull, pulling like cramps on both sides of my abdomen and very sensitive and sore nipples. Then about 2 weeks ago I started to feel a bit queesy on and off especially when stomach empty. Last week I started getting increased cervical mucus (similar to when ovulating- very wet, thin and stretchy) I was also very irritable on a couple of days (usually a sign my period will come within 24 hours) and I kept getting these strange 'pulling' sensations in my abdomen again coming and going in waves throughout the day. Ever since about 9 days ago(when i think my period was due ) I have been feeling like my period is going to start any second (like a wet feeling down below) but every time i go to the toilet nothing there except for occaisonal thin wet mucus. I did a pregnancy test on Thursday (5 days after period due) It was a digital clear blue 5 days early test, but it came up negative. Still no sign of period though, what do you think about my symptoms? I know they are things that are common before period but would n't I have started by now- I've been getting these symptoms for over 2 weks. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kelly from Norwich UK


BrendaW - January 21

I believe this is normal as long as they are not severe, lasting a long time or accompanied by blood. Your uterus is hardening and stretching and growing.


angela1986 - January 21

Mine dont feel so much like that, just like af cramps and more annoying than anything, which ive come to find out its gas. Thank goodness, because like you this is my first child as well and im a worry wort. If they become more painful and followed by bleeding then call your dr asap.



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