What Does Conceived Mean Help ASAP Thankss

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hallie - February 27

What does conceived mean????? Does it mean that day u had s_x or does it mean thats when the sperm met the egg?? please help thanks... i hade s_x the 22 and then the 28th jan. im a 23 day cycle helpp please???


Hanna - February 28

conceived means that the sperm has met the egg. It is the beginning of your actual pregnancy. The dates you give don't really help. I think we need you to be more precise there.


rose - February 28

we could help with your dates if you tell us the first day of your last period


Grandpa Viv - February 28

You could have conceived from s_x Jan 22 if your period was expected Feb 5 or shortly thereafter, from s_x Jan 28 if your period was expected Feb 11 or shortly thereafter. The sperm would have entered the egg (conception) 12 to 16 days before your expected period. For the pregnancy to succeed, the blastocyte has to implant in the uterine wall, which happens about a week before the expected period. You may experience early signs of pregnancy once implantation has occurred.


Hallie - February 28

my period was suppose to come the 9th of feb... i go to the docs next week for an ultra sound..


t - March 1



Missgurlie - June 4

Hello I am concerned about when I conceived. My last period was on the 28th of March 2012. I am due on the 3rd of January 2013 I am now 9weeks and 5days. I did a calculating on a website an it said I conceived between the 7th and 15th of April. I know I had s_x in March and possibly in early April. I also tried to have s_x but wasn't successful meaning he says he didn't ejaculated an only last literally under 5mins this was on the 14th of April but actually around 12am so I guess this would be considered the 15th of April which is my last day to conceive so did I get pregnant on my last day to conceive which was the 15tg of April or was I already pregnant?Thanks for the help.!????


Grandpa Viv - June 4

If you have a clockwork 28 day cycle, you likely ovulated April 11th, and the egg is only good for a day. Sperm lasts up to five days inside you, so unprotected s_x April 6th - 12th is most likely responsible. If your cycle is sometimes 32 days you need to extend that to April 6th - April 16th, which brings you into iffy territory. Signs of ovulation include high libido and good lubrication. Does that ring a bell for the Saturday midnight? Is the 9 weeks 5 days calculated from an ultrasound today, or form your last period (with which it does correspond)?


Missgurlie - June 4

My cycle last for 31 days Saturday night was nothing to remember do to nothing really happening besides entering, but not all the way n less than 5mins, within these 5 mins he entered less than 5 times. An the info of how many weeks are based on my last period.


Grandpa Viv - June 5

Missgurlie, with a 31 day cycle you did not get pregnant from s_x in March, nor in the first week of April. You likely ovulated the 14th. That guy got some sperm in you one way or the other. Maybe he withdrew to ejaculate premature, then went back in before he lost his erection. There would have been enough sperm left in his p___s to do the job. Hope that is the answer you want.


Missgurlie - June 6

So I wouldn't be 10 weeks If this is the case so how many weeks would this be?


Grandpa Viv - June 7

If you conceived on April 14th you will be 10 weeks Saturday June 9th. The docs add two weeks to the actual date to back it up to the last menstruation. The due date will be a few days later than originally given, compensating for the fact that your cycle is 31 days, not 28. An ultrasound about now would give another due date based on fetal development. Those due date calculations are averages. You may vary by a week or more either way.


Missgurlie - June 7

According to the hospital and a ultrasound I am now 6weeks and 6days, this is tricky....


girl2013 - November 12

so this my first time using this.. and i have a very cinfusing question i am worried about..i am now pregant as of today November 12,2012 i am 25 weeks pregnant and im tryimng to figure out the day i actually got pregnant. my due date is February 25,2013. at 5 weeks being pregant i wasnt able to give an exact last menutral period date so they went by how far i was at5 weeks and said i conceived on June 4,2012. but i had s_x the previous week between May 25-30 2012 and the exact date of June 3-4,2012 im confused i need help


Lisababy2 - July 11

Hello I'm 17 weeks and 6 days I need to know the exact date when I conceived and the possible date I had s_x as I can't remember the date or can't remember my last period thankyou 


Grandpa Viv - July 12

Lisa. counting back from July 11th I come to March 8th. That would have been the first day of your last period. On a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated March 22nd and sex any time that weekend would have been prime time. A second trimester ultrasound is not as accurate in dating a pregnancy as first trimester, so there would be some days of flexibility there.


Lisababy2 - July 13

Thankyou so that means I had sex around the 22 march then hun not on the 8th march sorry its just really bugging my head 



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