What Does Conceived Mean Help ASAP Thankss

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AmandaH2017 - May 5

Thank you so much! 


Angel89 - July 22

I only post this again because i cant see my post at all sorry! Hello I need someone helping me with this I been thinking a lot about it! On April 15 2017 I had sex with my ex than had sex again with my ex on April 23th 2017..... Than I had sexy with my boyfriend on May 21 2017 at 12:00 midnight and missed my period on June that's how I found out I was pregnant so I'm trying to figure it out would it be the guy in April or the guy in May! I'm 10 weeks and 2days today and my due date is February 10th 2018...... Can somebody please help me answer this question I'm really stressing out on who got me pregnant......


Grandpa Viv - July 22

Angel, it was your boyfriend for sure. You had a period after your ex sex, and that puts him out of the running. Remember that you actually conceive two weeks after your weeks of pregnancy suggests. 


Angel89 - July 22

Okay thanks for your help! But another question can you get your period when your pregnant? I was hoping is not my ex because I wasn't planning on that! But if you said is my boyfriend than that takes more stress out! And my family said it was my boyfriend to


Grandpa Viv - July 23

Women do have bleeds while pregnant for various reasons. A normal full length timely period is a good sign that no pregnancy exists. Your due date tells us the ovulation that started this pregnancy was about May 17th, close enough to your boyfriend encounter to be convincing. 


Angel89 - July 23

That's where I was confused at because I don't even remember if it was a normal period or what!  When you say ovulation started this pregnancy was about May 17th I got confused because I had sex on the 21nd is that mean I had sex on May 17th


Grandpa Viv - July 23

Not necessarily. The ultrasound dating can be in error by a few days but not a whole month. 



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