What Does It Mean If U Spot Old Blood 5dpo

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Paige - October 27

Can someone please help me? I am ttc for 5 months now. We bd'd 4 days before ovulation, two days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. Hopefully this month my AF will stay away! I am watching every symptom. Nausea comes and goes my uterus was very tender and sore to touch my lower abdomen around ovulation. And now this old brown blood spotting. Anyone with ideas? thanks so much


to Paige - October 27

when i was 4dpo and onwards had very strong cramping,no spotting tho. was also dizzy and felt faint in a shop 2 days ago. every thing has subsided now. but your spotting could be ib. you maybe more dpo's than you think, when is your af due?


Paige - October 27

thanks for replying! are u pregnant do u know? My af is due Nov 6. I'm wondering actually if I ovulated earlier than what i am guessing. my cycle is generally 28 days long and i usually notice my cm to go EW but this month there was none really. what do u think?


hello! - October 27

I really hope to be pregnant(my names Justine by the way) trying not to get hopes up as I mc'd 3wks ago I'm ok tho!! my cycles are 28days to, so due af next tues/wed. I ov'd last Wedn, have similier symptoms like before but scared as hell that it goes the same way as before!!! I love to wait with you and see what happens you never know we both might get on the "Im pregnant forum" soon. where are you from? babydust to us......


kathy - October 27

sometimes i hear that if it is not IB-it is a dropin progesterone that makes you spot-so try not to get your hopes up (like i did once ). getting your hopes up and that not actually finding out your pregnant is the worst ! let us knew !


kathy - October 27



Paige - October 28

Hi Justine, i'm sorry about your miscarriage. hopefully yr symptoms and mine are pregnancy ones! I'm from Sydney Australia where are you from ? My af is due Nov 6, a little after yours. i'd love to wait with you. Kathy, thanks for the reality check, it may have been a drop in progesterone i guess - is that normal do you know?


Justine - October 28

Hello Paige, Im in not so sunny Southampton,England, I still have slight cramping in my tummy(not much tho) all my other symptoms have gone really, except some very large spots that have appeared on my chin. GRRRREAT!!! thats a sure sign my af is coming soon, but wont stop hoping i'm pregnant til the fat lady sings, he he.I just dont feel pregnant today!! xxxx


kathy - October 28

i am not sure if a drop in progesterone is normal or not-i was not trying to be mean and bring you down ! you may as well had IB. i wish you luck !


kim - October 28

Sounds like implantation bleeding to me. The timing is right for it and it is usually brownish spotting. Still a little early to say but it sounds very positive. Good luck!!


Paige - November 1

Hi again, i am really trying not to get my hopes up, but its so hard!! I folded yesterday and did a hpt. I read somewhere that with the one i have u can use at 6-7 dpo. anyhow, its negative i guess, but if i look hard enough i can see a second line where it should be.. ??? sending myself crazy now. patience please find me! haha. how are you justine?


Paige - November 2

Well this afternoon I have started to bleed old blood (sorry to be descriptive but its been about the amount of a tbl spoon). If it is my AF then it is at least 4 days early and usually it starts first thing in the morning when i wake up, but this came during the day while washing a few dishes, I went to the toilet thinking it was just cm and wanted to use a liner. I'm usually 28 cycle girl so this is strange for me. I had a migraine the other day and been crampy since - it felt like pre AF symptoms and i thought they were early. Please someone tell me it could be IB still!! I sound desperate now.


Justine - November 2

Hello Paige, official hpt fanatic here, yes I know, but still I do lots of tests all different brands, all the same results, B.F.N.but the 2 first 1's I did, had very very faint lines, from then on tho ZILCH!!! aaaaaaaaaagggghhhh! I'm going insane........ I think the small amount of blood you had could very well be IB, was it brownish incolour ? if so then it could be a few days old. I have never had IB so its differcult for me to comment. If you dont get full b__wn Af then you a__sume it was IB.Cool, that would be a bfp coming your way. No sign of af for me although I think it will happen, I dont feel faint anymore,or have any nausea, just a few headaches, niggles in abdomen.Oh and lots of raised bumps around areola(but I think they've always been there, just more prominent) If I'm not pregnant then why is AF not here yet?? ooooooo its soooo frustrating!! sending you lots of babdust....


oops - November 2

meant to send BABYDUST....


Justine - November 3

hello Paige, just an update. AF IS HERE!!! I was disapointed at first but just heard from my sister which put it into perspective. A friend of theirs went into labour last night and it was still born, apparently it took 25 mins to revive. They are waiting to hear how much brain damage there is.So I not going to feel sorry for myself cos af arrived, there is always some1 worse off. Im due to OV again between 13-17 Nov, will look forward to that and hope that its my month then. how are doing? any GOOD news?


Paige - November 3

Hi Justine, That is so sad about that poor little baby. I hope everything turns out well. I know what you mean about it all being put into perspective. Well it seems as tho you and i are in the same boat. Turns out my spotting turned into a proper AF. Great, not. It was a surprise because it came 4 days early. I'm wondering if i did conceive and then miscarried because i am generally a 28 day cycle girl. who knows? should stop worrying and then things will come naturally (as my husband tells me). I'm guessing that i will ovulate again on the 16 Nov-ish, going by this cycle I just dont know. But I might use the opk this month, I'd like to work out when I ovulate in my cycle and see if it really is when i think it is. Welll good luck to u and i again! Here we go again...


justine - November 4

Hello Paige, just wanted to say I have a couple of threads on the go, the latest is "ANOTHER 2WW PART3" there is some lovely ladies that I chat to. why dont you join us on there,cos we all are having af at the mo, and in the same boat, AGAIN! Apart from your AF I hope your well and looking forward to 'FERTILE TIME' xxx



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