What Does Kicking Feel Like Will Baby Be Seen On Us

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Rose - April 5

Ok, I am one of those women who have continued to have periods from the first time I suspected pregnancy to now, also I haven't had s_x since then, that was Nov 21, 2004! I got 2 - hpts and got my period in DEC, so I told myself that I was not preg, even though I kept feeling like I was (nipples popped out, never before, they still remain that way, had to eat several meals to keep from feeling sick, two dizzy spells almost passed out once, extreme exhaustion and had to sleep several times during the day). My preg symptoms continued, so I took a blood test late DEC, I asked the DR if she was sure it would pick up on a preg and she said that actually, it may still be too early, well it was neg, so I said I am not thinking about this anymore, I am not pregnant. Well i have continued to feel pregnant this whole time, so I took another hpt test mid march because my belly was getting large and I am on a healthy 1200 calorie per day diet, because I am working with a personal trainer and even lost 15 lbs in the last 2 months! still - hpt, not preg right, that's what I thought until I began to get this light brown line that starts under the middle of my chest area and runs perfectly straight down over my belly button to my pubic line! And last week, I have been feeling cramps below my ribs, across my belly button, and my lower belly, at different times on both side, especially about 15 minutes after I eat! I've never had a child before, so I don't know what fluttering feels like or even kicks. I've looked everywhere to see what kicks feel like but no one really describes them well. When this happens to me, I think to myself ouch, stop poking me, I've never had quick shots of pain in my belly before, could I be feeling kicks? OH!! also i got one of those bebemonitors that is suppose to monitor the babies heart rate and I swear I am hearing the exact thing they said to look for, the fast beating drums or horses running, my trainer said that he would bet a million dollars that I was not preg but that I needed to go to the doc to confirm it for myself, I went to the doc yesterday, and she felt my belly and gave me a urine test and it was negative! Could it be that I am one of those people that the hcg, doesn't enter the urine, also I do not look incredibly obese ... but I am 40 lbs overweight and carrying mostly in my stomach, I am 5 feet and weight 167! Any help would really be appreciated because my doc is sending me to do a ultrasouond tomorrow morning and I really don't want them to miss the baby if there is a baby there. Are there certain places they should look, or will a baby definitely show up at 21 week since lmp. Sorry this was so long ... please tell me what you think, how to feel the kicks, how to find the baby on an ultrasound!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ;)


Chloe - April 5

Hi Rose, I would think that if you are as far gone as you suspect your baby will show on an ultrasound. They can do an internal scan as well which is even more accurate. Most pregnancies can be seen by week 5 or 6, and even if not then certainly by your stage. Good luck I hope this does prove to be an "unusual' pregnancy and that it's not something else. Something is definately going on anyway. I can't say much else I'm afraid as have not enough knowledge.


dm - April 5

hi rose...we'll i'm certainly no doctor and only your doc can tell you for sure but it really does sound like you're preg. if you're not you need and u/s anyways to see what's making your stomach bloat. with my daughter, i had an u/s at 8 weeks...she was visible then but very tiny and if you weren't looking for it you probably wouldn't have seen her...had another one at 20 weeks...at this point there's no way you could miss it...baby is definately big enough to see...as far as the kicking...i remember only i could feel it at 21 weeks (dh couldn't feel her yet) and it was kind of a tickling feeling...kind of like b___terflies fluttering but a little harder and more noticeable. hope this helps and good luck...let us know what happens!!


L - April 5

Hi. I have not been pregnant b4, however I think I am and I have been doing lots of reading. I must say...lets just say all the bloat and all is really just weight gain and u keep thinking about it ...whats stands out to me then is really the linea negra that has formed on you...is it very dark and have u had that line ever before?


Rose - April 5

L, no I didn't have it before, although I have done a lot of reading lately too, and they say everyone has it but it blends in with the skin color. I read about the linea negra but I didn't have it a few weeks ago. I was exercising in my workout room where I have a large mirror and about pa__sed out when I noticed the line very faint in the mirror reflection. That was over a week ago. It's been getting darker, still faint but I can see it more. That's why I decided to go to the doctor because I figured if I could show her the line, then she wouldn't think I was crazy ;). Plus the line showed up around the time it was suppose to show if pregnant. She said I didn't have a line, but I swear I have a line. It's just still very light. Now I think I read somewhere that the line can also form if not pregnant due to probs with diabetes or insulin. So, if no baby shows up on the scan tomorrow then I will have to check into that. Thank you all for your support. I've read these boards for months and this was my first question. The emotional support is really unbelievable! :)


bump - April 5



kat - April 6

rose let us know how your ultrasound goes.....good luck.


Liz - April 6

First off I have to wonder about your doctor. The whole thing sounds very puzzling and if your not preg. I'd be sure and find out what the heck is going on with you. I didn't get that line til very late in pregnancy (7 months or so) but everyone is different. Best of luck and good health to you!


Rose - April 6

I did an abdominal and pelvic us, plus a v____al us, and I asked the tech, who was not very talkative or nice to begin with, if she would be able to see a 20 wk baby, she said she would definitely see it, she also didn't tell me anything else so I a__sume if she saw something she would have told me. Also, I just moved to a new state so, I just made an appointment with a dr. that I was refereed to, just so that she could refer me for a us. It's just so weird though because of the line on my belly, the cramps I keep feeling all over my stomach area, and my areolas seem to be getting bigger. They said I sould have the results in a few days.


to rose.... - April 6

if you had an ultrasound done didnt you see a baby on the screen? what results are you waiting for?


lo - April 6

babies are generally seen on ultrasound scans from 6 weeks and on. you could be having a phantom pregnancy. i had one and i got to 9 months, huge stomach have the line and everything, went into labour and stayed that way for 17 hours. and then all of a sudden it stopped. wierd


confused - April 7

what is a phantom preg?


to lo - April 7

yeah right lo,didnt you ver have a scn through your pregnancy??


to confused - April 7

a phantom pregnancy is when you have all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy but ther is no actual baby inside! ive never heard of someone going into labour with them though!!!


Janey - April 7

Lo are you being serious? Your stomach expanded over 9 months and you actually had contractions as in labour and then everything just "stopped"? If your stomach grew that big and you weren't pregnant surely the doctors wanted to find the reason for this? Also the reason for labour-type pains. I've had contractions and if someone had them and was not pregnant I'm sure doctors would want to find what was wrong! Did your stomach just "shrink" after your so-called 17 hour labour? Contractions are your body pushing down the baby so if there was no baby your body would not contract. Sorry it just sounds very bizarre there must have been a reason if your stomach grew to appear pregnant like that! Did you have a stomach ulser/cyst that caused swelling? Still doesn't explain "labour" though (believe me you'd know if you were really in labour! )


janey - April 7



rose - April 7

Janey & Lo, I tried to respond yesterday but the system wouldn't let me, now sure why. Anyways, I did a little research on the phantom pregnancy. Basically, a woman who wants a baby so bad may actually begin to feel the symptoms and not really be pregnant. I guess this happens a lot with dogs, seriously! Ok, I read that she could even skip periods and may even have a positive hpt but when it comes down to the doctor telling her she is not pregnant/medical proof she is not pregnant, she still thinks she is! So, my case, I didn't really think I wanted a baby like that, maybe 10 years ago when my younger sister and sister in law started having kids, but I thought I got that out of my system AND I was a virgin till only recently, so if I am having a phantom pregnancy than it may, for me, be due to a relationship that I didn't want to let go of, I love him a lot but he pulled away when we thought I may have gotten pregnant, and I told him I would not have an abortion. We still are not talking, only emailed a couple of times. I am going to tell myself that this is a phantom pregnancy, and try and believe it because I have been working really hard to get into shape and be healthy and this has really stressed me out, my tummy going out like it did and the line too, maybe it will disappear. The research also said that women's b___st could even grow and leak milk, during a phantom pregnancy. This absolutely scared me because my areolas have gotten bigger, and my left b___st has gotten larger than my right one. It was always a little bit before, unnoticeable really but now it's getting more noticeable. I guess I could deal with these changes if I knew there was a baby, but if there is no baby then I don't want my b___st to change for the worse, because my mind has screwed my body up! i read psychotherapy is the choice thearpy for helping women who are/have experienced this. I actually have a ma in psychology and I think I can just tell myself that I did the ultrasound, there was no baby, I am not pregnant and hopefully my body will respond and stop acting like it is. I really feel for you Lo, I'm sorry you had to go all the way to labor with this. I don't want to experience that, I hope I can nip it in the bud now!



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