What Does Milky White Discharge Mean

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keerthy - October 8

ok ladies... u must have read on other threads about my other symptoms.... my af is due today or tomorrow! LMP first day was 9th - 30 day cycle... i have no signs of af coming.... but have noticed white milky discharge... which sometimes is creamy or paste like (sorry for the description).... ANY IDEA what it means? I tested this morning using a internet cheapie and turned out BFN.... ANY IDEAS????


newlywed0915 - October 8

Hello ladies! I was supposed to get my period the week after I got married :9/20. It never came. We were on our honeymoon the week before my period was due, and now I'm 20 days late. I started experiencing some symptoms the week my period was due: some cramping, and discharge. My periods are sometimes irregular though, so I thought that maybe I'm just late. Well, I got anxious and took a test after being 8 days late, and I got a BFN! Took one on the 11TH and BFN! I started experiencing "symptoms" the week after my missed period. I had a lot of CM that was clear to sometimes light yellowish from the 25th until the 3rd of October and then it slowed down. I would wake up in the middle of the night and swear AF was there, but when I went to wipe, it was clear to yellowish discharge. I have had a decrease in the discharge as of Oct. 3rd, but its still there. Although the Cm was a bit cloudy, and now its back to clear and yellowish. Cramping was evident starting the 25th. Almost like a pinching sensation in stomach area. Also I've been experiencing fatigue, mild headaches that come and go, and nausea, but not to the point where I need to puke. It just feels like a knot in my stomach, and it will go away. I work 40 hrs a week, andusually have a stedy energy level, even though I can lean towards lethargy. Well, all last week, I was coming home from work at 5 and falling asleep until 6ish or so, when my hubby would come home and wake me. Then I'd be in bed by 10ish, clearly exhausted from a "strenuous" day of sitting at an office desk. I have little or no s_xual drive right now, and I'm a newlywed!!!AGH! Also last week my nipples did something weird that they've never done before: they were erect (hard)on their own and sensitive to the touch! That went away by this weekend, but they're still somewhat sensitive. I've also been drinking a lot more water, and waking up thirsty in the middle of the night. Oh, another thing!!! IEven after my after work naps, and early bedtime, I've overslept all last week and the week before. Usually I wake up at 6:30 am, no problem. I have been getting up at 7:15- 7:30, and even woke up one day at 7:58, 2 minutes before I was supposed to be at the office! (Luckily I only live a block away). Also, I'm SO moody sometimes! That usually happens with AF, but she hasn't shown! Hubby was so sweet to me last night. I went to bed around 10ish and was so moody. But I coudln't fall asleep! He tidied up the kitchen and came in to sleep and asked me if I wanted a ma__sage, because he could tell I was feeling like c___p. WHAT A DOLL. Anyway, he gave me a ma__sage, which sent me into a wonderful sleep. I took 2 tests on Friday at 17 days late, and they were negative. I took them in the evening though, not in the morning as reccomended. I had been using the First Choice brand from Dollar General, and I went on the 18th day and bought EPTs! Negative Saturday, and yesterday morning, a negative again!!! I made an appt. at the doctors office for today....so we'll see. I was just wondering what you all thought, and if maybe I'm too early in pregnancy to detect the hormone, or what! I just want to know if I'm prego or not! This is so annoying! Okay, so I'll let you know what the doctor says. P.s. ALSO I have broken out on just my forehead! I never usually have breakouts this bad!!! But I have been eating the most random things lately as well.


keerthy - October 8



jen23 - October 9

hi, i have had a creamy white milky discharge for 3 weeks now and 6 negative preg tests. this is a sign of pregnancy as ling as it doesnt smell offensive. i tested again yesterday and they were positive. goin to docs today to have it confirmed. good luck


keerthy - October 9

hey jen, congrats.... am so happy! am waiting to test tomorrow loll!


jen23 - October 9

hi, fingers crossed then ey!! good luck. im 2 weeks late now and only got pos result yesterday. will keep u posted on what doc says!!!


GimmeaBub - October 9

Hey Keerthy i got alot of cm before AF came, like alot, i actually thought i had started my af, because I could feel the wetness al the time. It's a sign for sure. But they also say it can be the lining around the ovary breaking away when the egg hasnt be fertilised, so i am unsure. The main cause of cm duing pregnancy is a build up of cells, in the uterus, So i would def test, i didnt get a positive until i was 2 days late. and newlywed, You seem really late, i would suggest going to the dr if your still have bfn's, you should be able to pick up the pregnancy hormone by now. Baby Juice Girls


jen23 - October 9

hey newlywed i would defo see dr. if u are preg then it shud be showing by now. i got two faint positives after 6neg so going dr today!!!


MAC_33 - October 9

Jen, what test did you use?


keerthy - October 9

where is everyone today????


ma1008 - October 9

this has been a good month lots of BFP, keerthy i think your one of them to TEST, TEST, TEST.


keerthy - October 9

ma1008... i thought of testing tomorrow... but am really scared,.. i have been telling everyone not to get scared.. but i am myself freaking out! llol...


lizie2 - October 9

Hey ma ur here too. lol.. Hey can ne 1 help with this? I have been light cramping for the past couple of days and have this white milky creamish discharge on and off and I want to know if this is a good time concieve or could this b a signs pf early pregnancy? HELP


wantbabyboy - October 9

hello ladies I have the creamy lotiony cm as well and I can sometimes smell the scent of a new born baby ..is it just me ?


keerthy - October 9

went to the shop to buy some chocolates.... extremely nauseated the whole time.... having lower back pain huhh... i am just sitting .. poor hubby cooking for me too.... will test tomorrow and let u know girls! pray for me..... Baby Dust!!!!!!


newlywed0915 - October 9

I went to the DR yesterday and told her my symptoms. She said they are all a__sociated with pregnancy, so she had a blood test done.It came out negative, but the doc wants me to start prenatal vitamins and told me to take another test and call her with results if my period doesn't come this month. Thats only 1.5 weeks away, so we will see. Symptoms are still persistent as of today. Discharge, headaches, and cramps. We'll see!!!! 21 days late as of today. and to "wantbabyboy"...my discharge has a mild sweet smell to it if that makes any sense!!!


jen23 - October 10

hi mac i used a cheap one and it went positive straight away but when i used a predictor one it was only really faint. went the doc last night he says im due 5th june. still in shock doesnt stop me from eating all the time thou. good luck !!!!



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