What Does Vaginal Discharge Look Like In Early Pregnancy

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Emma - October 19

Hi ladies, I know that if you are pregnant, you are supposed to have a white, thick, creamy, egg white looking va___al discharge. But when does your discharge start looking like that. I think I might be pregnant because I had a 3 day very very light period (period usually is 5 days) 2 weeks ago and have been cramping with other pregnancy symptoms ever since, but my discharge just looks like the fertile discharge (big chunks of clear sometimes yellowish looking, thick, and stretchy), I think that is the fertile discharge. My va___al discharge started looking like that as soon as my 3 day period was over and has gradually gotton thicker. If you are pregnant when does the egg white looking discharge come? And do some people have the fertile looking discharge first before the egg white looking discharge or what? Thanks ladies!


Me - October 19

If anyone has an answer to this I would be interested. I think I am pregnant and I am having thick white creamy discharge, so this is a good sign?


hi - October 19

mine is thin and between white/off white .i am 6weeks pregnant/hope this helps :)


TM - October 19

Hi, i am 6 weeks and at first, before I even knew I was pregnant (like 2 weeks ago) i had thick white d/c once or twice for about a day. Then I noticed larger amounts of the thin white to clear d/c(mostly thin and clear) since. It is off and on and heavier sometimes then it can be very little at times. But usually I always notice some when I go to the bathroom. Hope this helps!


PREG - October 19

I am 7-8 weeks pg and my cm is thin, runny, and cloudy. Not really a color....but yellow when it gets to the panty liner...


Emma - October 19

Thank you so much ladies for your responses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ~Baby Dust~


Emma - October 19

Anyone else have a different kind of discharge when they first became pregnant?


Kmary - October 19

I'm sorta in the same situation! I felt weird before my last "period", so I took a test out of curiousity. It came out negative. Then the next day, which was the 28th of september, I started bleeding. My periods normally last 6 days and this period only lasted 3 days and on one of the inbetween days, there was virtually no bleeding and on the other 2, bleeding was very light. Also, i didnt have any clots like I normally do. After that period, I kept experiencing nausea because it felt like every few minutes, I had to burp. Since the end of September, my b___sts have been hurting and heavy off an on. I've also noticed lots of discharge. About a day after that period ended, I started having white discharge; it started thin, got thicker, got shinier. The end of last week, it stayed white and shiny but had stretchability. All of this week though, its been white, creamy and excessive. I'm not used to having this much discharge. I tried feeling my cervix but sometimes it is soft mushy and other times it isnt as soft. I dont know... I know my body is going through hormonal issues, but I dont know if I am pregnant. I am starting to think that I dont know my body anymore.


kmary - October 19

Oh, and the "period" that I had came 3 days early.


Me - October 20

So I had clear discharge, now it has turned white. Is that a good sign or no?


TO KMary - October 20

Have you done any pregnancy tests yet? I've got exactly the same story, including the date -- my weird period also started on the 28th. I've had a couple of negative HPTs and a negative blood test (but I'm thinking it might have been too early).


patty - October 20

take a hpt---and let us knew--i am very curious to find out about this situation.


Emma - October 20

Hey ladies! Thanks so all of your responses. Our bodies can be so confusing. Well, I am still cramping. Been cramping on and off ever since I had that strange "period" which was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday evening I started feeling very hot and cramping even more. Last night I had a weird dream that I was in labor and this morning I woke up with the lower part of my back hurting and really bad cramps. Today I still feel the same as I did yesterday evening. However, nothing going on with my b___sts except sharp pains that start from the back of my b___st and goes to my nipples. Vaginal discharge still the same. So I think I am either pregnant or my hormones are messed up. I don't want to test yet because I tested last Monday and it was a BFN. Keeping me posted ladies and let us know if anyone gets a BFP. ~Baby Dust~


Momof3kidz - August 3

If you to the Dr and have a blood test to find oug if you are pregnant or not,  and the test came back that your not, it is correct.  Blood tests are the most accurate tests out there and it doesn't matter how early it is. I've worked for Dr's and I know how these tests work. Keep trying, but not too hard. I had a miscarriage in 2008,  my husband and I tried for over a year and no luck. When we stopped trying,  thats when it happened. Now I have 2 beautiful children with my husband and 1 from a previous marriage and my husband and I may be pregnant again, but I'm scared to take a test!


NElizabeth - August 4

It looks like clear egg whites or milky discharge. It can vary for each women.


Miaka - August 21

Just wondering if any of you ended up being pregnant? I too had a 3 day light period and fertile like cm righ after. My cervix has also been high since ovulation and didnt even drop for the light period. It's been about 5 days now and I still have some minor cramping. Just enough to know it's there really. I tested when the bleeding stopped on the 3rd day and of course it was negative, so I am going to wait a few more days. 


Miaka - August 21

Also, my bleeding was on and off.  I really only bled a little when I had to pee, and only filled less than half of a tamping within a couple of hours. 



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