What Else Could This Be

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Brooke - April 20

I swear to it that I am pregnant but the home tests keep saying no. I would only be about 5 weeks. The veins on my br___ts are undenyably everywhere and dark and they look 3-D. What else could cause these veins. Please someone help me out here. They are obviously new veins EVERYWHERE on my br___ts. Why am I getting a negative.


Jo - April 20

Brook, I'm having the same thing happening... I've even had the doc tell me no, however I've got the viens, as well as a swelling belly. Along with other symptoms... who knows


Brooke - April 20

Hey Jo. What did the doc say about the veins? Did they say what else could be causing it? This is to scary for me to fathom. It has to be that. They are everywhere and I mean everywhere. I just want to know what else on earth could cause these to appear everywhere. Makes no sense at all. Thanks for responding.


Nica - April 20

Just test again in a few days - when I found I was preggo I had just a really faint, barely there line, which was darker when I tested 2 days later. So just test again! It really sounds like are pregnant!


Brooke - April 20

Thanks you guys. I appreciate your help and feedback. You are good people. Good Luck to you. I will keep in touch.


x - April 21



Lynn - April 21

I am in the same boat. Just like Jo, the dr said not pregnant, but couldn't explain why I was getting symptoms. Then again, she also didn't notice the veins and swollen abdomen. I have veins on my b___sts, chest, thighs, and now they are showing up on my abdomen. I don't believe in tests, as I have read that some women NEVER show a positive result w urine or blood tests. I'm beginning to think drs are idiots. If you have neg urine/blood tests and are having periods (no matter how different they are from normal), they automatically a__sume you are not pregnant and won't do an ultrasound (which is stupid, since this can not only prove/disprove pregnancy, but can also rule out or show other reasons for the symptoms).


bump - April 22




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