What I Was Told About IB And Periods While Pregnant

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Steph - April 26

I am not a nurse. But I spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office this morning and thought the info she provided might be useful to some of you, too. My situation: I had about 4-5 days of light spotting (almost all brown) from about 8-12 or 13 dpo. I thought it was probably IB. Then, at 14 dpo (night before last), my period started. It has been going on for about two days now. It is about as heavy as normal and mostly bright red. But the consistency of the blood seems different. (Sorry to be graphic.) Also, I have had cramping on and off (nothing I would consider very strong, but more than I normally get with AF). The nurse agreed that the brown spotting from 8-12 dpo definitely sounded like it could be IB. She also said that some women get their period even after they become pregnant - it's not all that uncommon - since the timing of ovulation-fertilization-implantation-time for the next period is all pretty close together. She suggested that I take a HPT with FMU in another few days. She said it may be that I am pregnant and just one of those women who still gets a period the first month. That's the good news. The bad news is that she said it's also possible that the spotting followed by a "normal" period may be a sign of a "chemical pregnancy," which as I understand it, is basically a meeting of sperm and egg that just doesn't "take." If that is the case, according to the nurse, then I should get a BFP later this week because it takes some time for the HPT to leave the body. Of course, the third option is that it's just another cycle without any conception and a weird period. But anyway, I though the info might be useful to some of you who have been experiencing similar things or who have similar questions.


Becky - April 26

Hey... my latest "af" was different too... how would you describe the difference in the blood? I had spotting on the 12th and then spotting/light flow the 23rd/24th. But no cramps the 23rd/24th. My af was originally due today.. so if it was af, it came 3 days early.


Steph - April 26

Actually, it sounds like you may have had IB. The spotting I had before AF was due was very light and usually light brown. Almost always there only when I wiped, although I think I stained one pad. Sorry for being graphic. My "af" now is mostly not brown any more, although there has been some. It's red, kind of more liquidy than normal (if that makes any sense) and sometimes seens a little mucousy. And I am having cramps on and off. I don't think I am going to test positive. But it certainly sounds like you might!


mamagoose - April 29

pls what does an IB mean. ive been experiences similae symptoms, but dont want to c any more drs cuase ive had enough frm them making me feel like i'm crazy. ive been ttc for the last 18mnths, married for the same length of time


Becky - April 29

IB is Implantation Bleeding. Some women have some bleeding or spotting when the egg implants into the uterus. Steph - I understand what you mean. I had that a little too... but only in the beginning. After that it seemed... dryer. Ok, now *that* sounds odd :-P ok...forgive me if this is TMI... normally when you wipe during af it is obviously a liquid on the paper...duh. I mean besides the fact that it is red :-P But this time it was almost like I was just using paper that was red with no liquid on it. It would soak into the paper right away and just look like the tp was dyed red but didn't have liquid on it...not shiny at all. Was very weird... again sorry if tmi. ................ I have been getting nauseous after lunch the past few days...though it doesn't last too long and my bbs still hurt and other symptoms still...so we'll see. I have some Ov tests that I started taking yesterday...if I have a surge, we'll bd again... and if not...will take the pg tests that I bought, too...


Becky - April 29

I should clarify... reddish brown or brownish red paper... :-P It wasn't just red.


shannonb - April 29

I experienced the same thing. The doctors made me do two blood tests but both negative. My doctor now thinks I may have a cyst on my ovaries. She said it would explain the cramping, spotting and no af. If af hasn't arrived by Monday, they will do an ultrasound. I am now almost one week late. Anyways, maybe this information will help maybe not but I hope so.


bump - April 29




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