What In The World Am I Doing Wrong

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Michelle - September 24

My bf and I, have been trying to get pregnant since november of 2004. I cant count how much unprotected s_x we have had ... and still havent gotten pg! My bf does live with me now ... so now we have more frequent s_x ... but i just cant seem to figure out why we arent pg yet with all this s_x! I did get a VFP with a dollar store test ... and then a BFN with another a couple of days later ... but I think i really did have a m/c yesterday. : ( ALL the signs of pregnancy ... no period since the first week of august ... and suddenly yesterday morning at 6 am i started my period. I took the day off from work cause i was in pain. I went back to bed and woke up about 11 and took out my tampon ( sorry if TMI ) and there was a bunch of clotty stuff which seemed to be in like strings and some white stuff. That was yesterday ... and now my period is almost completely done. No signs of pregnancy no more. : ( WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING WRONG ??? Is there anything wrong with me ... or is this just normal ? My bf might be leaving in 3 months for the Coast Guard ... and i do in fact ... want to get pg with his child before he has to go ... So i have a little miracle inside me ... to make me feel close to him when he is gone far away ... So i have something that can take a little bit off my mind while hes gone! Grr ... I want to cry. I dont know what to do! We want this so damn bad! I have had a couple friends that just gave birth and im so jealous of them! I want my own so bad right now! Does ANYONE know any super tricks to get pg ? Like ANY kind of pills ... does prenatal pills help? Any kind of positions ... lubricants ... anything ? Please ... I would dearly appreciate some answers seem i am in so much depression and stress after yesterday!


Bella - September 24

I don't think you are doing anything wrong Michelle. Everyone is different and if you were on birth control that can play a part in how long it takes to concieve. If you think you had a miscarriage you should go to the doctors to get checked out. maybe you could talk over any concerns with him while you are there. Good luck xx


Michelle - September 24

Bella, i have never been on b/c my whole entire life! I guess i should go to the doctors huh ?!? Me any my Bf just got done with unprotected s_x ... I went and woke him up lol. I am still on my period ... but not bleeding as badly! Hopefully this helps! Please respond if you can! Thank you!


Bella - September 24

I guess sometimes it takes time. I have a friend who took 2yrs to concieve. She went to the docs several times and her and her prtner had several tests but they didn't get any answers, now they have a son. Anothr friend came of bc and got pg straight away. Everyone is different. It might be worth going to the docs they will put your mind at ease.let me know how you get on. xx


Gillgurl - September 24

First things first, stop stressing yourself out it's not good for your pre-pregnant body. I am also in your shoes. I have been trying to become succesfully pregnant for well over five years and I've only ended up with two miscarriages. You bet I'm angry that it seems so easy for everyone else, but I won't give up. I had the same thing happen to me that you did and I thought i would lose it. I hate getting AF it's miserable. I'm 34 and most of my friends are buying diapers and baby booties while I'm buying pads and tampons, it's terrible, but not the end of the world. There are things you can do to become pregnant. I finally had to go to a fertility doctor after 5 years. I also changed what I ate, how I slept and I exercise more. The last time I got pregnant I was in the middle of a diet. The night I concieved I kept my knees up afterwards and stayed like that for 30mins. I heard that's a really good way to get pregnant also don't use any liquid other than natural secretions, even saliva is lethal to sperm. I also took baby asprin and robutussin. But the best position is from behind, except you'll need to stay with your tush in the air for a while after, you don't want sperm spillage. Please don't despair and take good care of your body that's the best way to get pregnant. I'll be praying for you, Gillgurl from Sacramento, CA


uk gurl!! - September 24

michelle i know how you feel.ive also been ttc since last november,and i know how painful the whole thing gets,its so frustrating seeing people have accidents then get abortions when we so desperately want a baby.good luck and we have to tell ourselves it will happen.


Michelle - September 24

Hey girls ... thank you so much for responding ... you have no idea how exciting it is for me to get on here and see that someone actually cares and wants to help! I just wish we were them girls that could just have s_x for the first time and actually get pregnant instead of trying for years on end! I have a garbage bag full of baby clothes in my closet and my BF and i went shopping today ... get 3 pacifiers ... a baby manicure set and 2 baby girl head bands. ( so cute might i add! ) We are just picking things up here and there that are for either male or female babies. I guess baby shopping just helps us more with reality ... and when / if we ever got pregnant we have most of everything! We already have names picked out ... Hailey Jazmeane for a girl or Adrienne Michael for a boy! I wish this would hurry!!!! We do feel lonely with out a baby to hold in our arms ... but we are being calm and just wishing it will happen soon! I heard a while ago that taking birth control would help ... is this true ??? Answers would be appreciated!!!!!!!!


Jen - September 24

Michelle, how long have you been ttc? I just started ttc and I went to see my gyno (I just stopped the pill) and she said that if she sees me in a year and I haven't got pregnant yet then she will be concerned and we will see what other things may be able to help me conceive. She put me on prenatal vitamins, ae you on those too?


Wondering - September 24

Hi Michelle, I totally understand your plight. My DH just got home from a 6 month tour of South America in the Navy--now he's home for good. He's only been home a few weeks and I'm already to get kicking with this TTC because I want a special little part of us to share our love. Anywho, I've heard from a lot of people who've done it that BCP makes you extra fertile. Some people take the pills for a few months and then try as soon as they get off them. But that's not wise because some people take them and it screws up their bodies, like it did mine. Just watch your body to see if/when you Ovulate and time your intercourse for those days. I pray that you get a BFP before he leaves so that he'll have even more to come home to!



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