What Is All This Discharge

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patricia - March 11

okie.. i just wanna know .. i took the morning afterpill yesterday.. and the thing is.. today i have alot of those white stretchy discahrge.. like the ones you get like a day or 2 after ovulation (and a day or two before ovulation..) however i am almost a good week past ovulation... so what is this about? should i be worried?


Patricia - March 11

actually seems like i have a bit of clear stretchy stuff too.. like th eones i have during ovualtion.. however.. as i said i am way past ovulation.. and i took the morning afterpill.. so should i be worried? my AF is due around the 19th...


Patricia - March 11



Jess - March 11

I have no info on that, but is there a posibility that the day after pill did not work. you may have tooken it too late. Have a preg test done. Sorry things are a bit slow right now. People tend to log off over the weekend.


patricia - March 11

but i took it with 24 hours the first one... and in 12 hours the next one.. unless i was pregrnant before.. =/


Jess - March 11

You could have been already pregnant or either you got pregnant after having the pill. All I know is that Im 10 weeks and I get clear discharge all the time.


none - March 11

first of all.. ovulation can happen more than once especially to women in their 20's. Ovulation can happen naturally in your cycle or excitation during s_xual intercourse.. of if you had s_xual stimulation from your partner or by yourself. Make sure your discharge is really clear clear.. because emergency contraception or morning afterpill contains progestine... and usually progestine produce more v____al mucous, or so i read, so maybe it's just all that. And if you ovulated naturally, but you also took the mornign afterpill it could be that the pill will stop implantation or the sperm adn egg from meeting.. but since you naturally ovulated already.. anymore s_xual activity or stimiulation may cause ovulation again... but i am not sure.. give yourself a test and within a week in a half if your period is not due when it should be bring yourself to the doc. =) good luck


Jess - March 11

It might just be the way your body is acting after taking the pill. I just read that the pill can be taken up to 72 hours after s_x. Ther is a low rate for it not working. It stops your ovaries from releaseing an egg and it does something to the linning of your uterus to prevent the egg to implant. I really think you should consult your doc though.


kendra - March 12

this is a site for trying to get pregnant,,,,not for trying to abort...find another site cause this is probably going to start women that are trying so hard to get pregnant very upset...not being mean just stating a point..


steph - March 12

i think ur wrong Kendra.. this is a site where women can ask many different questions.. regarding to prenancy.. however... there are women who might be or is pregrnant but don't want to.. and don't start about telling women to use their brain and get on birth control or whatever... sometimes accident still happen.. like condom break or.. sometimes certain antibiotic was eating so it stopp the pill from working or women forgot to eat one or whatever... people come here for help.. and who ever said she was getting an abortion? morning afterpill is not really abortion.. it can stop the sperm and egg from meeting or stop ovulation or stop implantation if the women already ovulated... technically she is not having an abortion.. if you don't have anything constructive to say why don't u just leave things alone..


patricia - March 12

ummm so yeah.. i ahve a lot of white stretchy that looks like ovulation... is this normal? anyone? And my Af should be due around match 19-21? should i be worried? i took a hpt test (not with morning urine) and it came out neg.


bump - March 13



fiona - March 13

I have lots of discharge also.



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