What Is Ectopic Pregnancy

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Nicole - March 23

I posted a question a few days ago about symptoms of pregnancy and in a reply Grandpa Viv said it might be ectopic pregnancy. I tried to write in that post again but it wouldnt let me. But my question is what is ectopic pregnancy?


soontobe - March 23

an ectopic pregnancy is when it is not where it is supposed to be....I am not usre where a pregnancy is and i know it sounds stupid but I am almost 18/. I have a question like that . If you have an ectopic pregnancy would it show up on youjr pregnancy test as a neg but you could still be?????


Nicki - March 23

Ectopic pregnancy is where the baby is in a tube and it can be fatal if it does not get taken care of i suggest you go to your doctor right away. i dont mean to scare you or anything but just get it checked out. Good Luck! and i hope its not ectopic.


louise - March 23

ectopic pregnancies show up on pregnancy tests they usually become a problem at around 8 weeks, however they may rupture earlier. the only way i can describe the severity of this is, appendicitis. when it ruptures it can kill. when an ectopic pregnancy ruptures it can kill. if you suspect ectopic get down to your nearest doctor or hospital right away


Jena for Nicole - March 23

Don't be too scared by the end statement, but I found this answer online for you: What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy? Ectopic means "out of place." In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg has implanted outside the uterus. The egg settles in the fallopian tubes more than 95% of the time. This is why ectopic pregnancies are commonly called "tubal pregnancies." The egg can also implant in the ovary, abdomen, or the cervix, so you may see these referred to as cervical or abdominal pregnancies. None of these areas has as much space or nurturing tissue as a uterus for a pregnancy to develop. As the fetus grows, it will eventually burst the organ that contains it. This can cause severe bleeding and endanger the mother's life. A cla__sical ectopic pregnancy never develops into a live birth.


Grandpa Viv - March 23

http://www.ectopic.org/index.asp will give you many answers. Just paste that into the address bar of your browser. It's curious to me that there are folks who can navigate to a forum but can't do an Internet search.


steph - March 23

nicole- I had an ectopic preg. a year ago.... i thought in the beginning the preg. was normal, but i was bleeding on and off... finally one day i had extremely bad stomach pains and a shooting pain in my shoulder and i went to the hopsital. They did an ultrasound and saw there wasn't a baby in my uteras... so process of ellimination. I had to have sugeroy. My stomach was full of blood and my tube was about to rupture which if left alone I WOULD HAVE DIED. the doctor was able to save my tube. If you are pregnant and think you may be in this situation.. get an ultrasound done ASAP good luck



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