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kimberly - March 1

Hello... Here is my situation. I hope that one of you can shed some words of wisdom my way. My last period was Dec. 22, 2004. I went to the doc on Jan. 19 for a reg. pap smear and she took a pregnancy test and she said it was negative. However, on Jan 22 when it was time for my period i missed it. I went to the OBGYN on the 24th of Jan and she told me i was pregnant. Now Yesterday i went for a va___al u/s and they told me that the gestation sac was only 5 wks 6 days. and there was no baby in the sac, they did see a yolk sac as well. However... if you go by the date of my last period, i should be about 10 wks. 5 days but if you go from mid Jan in between the 19th to the 24th when i went back to the OBGYN... its 5 wks. 6 days. So my question is should i be worried and think that i am 11wks and there is no heartbeat and no baby or think that i am 5 wks 6 days and the baby did not develope yet. My docs says to come back in 10 days. If i was 11 wks and the baby stopped growing at 5 wks 6 days wouldnt i have miscarried. I have had no bleeding and no spotting. Please help... i am a first timer and started to panic.


S- - March 1

I don't want to discourage you, but I miscarried w/o spotting. However, since your first test was negative, maybe you weren't pregnant at that time. I'd probably go by the second date- which works out right?


Grandpa Viv - March 2

Your doctor is concerned that your pregnancy is not normal. You are in good hands. There is no need to panic, though you do have to open your mind to the possibility that the pregnancy will not be successful. Let's hope that is not the case.


jenny - March 2

I think your going to be fine, the dates probuly got a little mixed up.


To kimb - March 2

If I were you, I would phone my doctor and get some clarification and tell him/her what does'nt make sense. 5 weeks and 6 days are = 41 days. Gestation counted from the first day of your last period. Did your period actually start on Dec 22 or end? From 22 Dec to 24 Jan = 34 days.


hello... - March 2

in reference to the question asked about when my period started it was Dec. 22, 2004 but when i went to the doc on the 19th of Jan she said it was neg. However of the 24th it was a positive preg test. what do you think is going on? THANKS A BUNCH... KIM


To Kimb - March 2

You obviously are pregnant, which is GOOD. Your HCG levels were probably not strong enough on the 19th, but were detected on the 24th which is completely normal. Some women test positive early on and others have to wait a week. I've read about it time and again. Let me know what happens and good luck. Belle.


Audrey - March 2

When I went for u/s at 13 wks the machine said the sac was only the size for 6 wks. I told the doc that was impossible, and after a closer look he told me that he couldn't see anything in the sac. I did some research and discovered a condition called blighted ovum where the baby didn't develop because of a chromosomal defect. Three days later I started to bleed, so it was to the hospital for a D&C. I think the body just has to make up its mind when to miscarry. :)


KIMBERLY - March 2

Hi girls. I wanted to thank everyone for all your help and kind words of wisdom. However... my doc called me this morning and told me that my blood test with my HCG count had dropped by 5000 points which means that the baby was not growing. I went for the u/s the other day and it said the sac was 5 wks 6 days. But i was just about 12 wks pregnant. However my doc says that i have to come in for a D&C on monday unless my miscarriage happens before. Thanks for all your kind words but... my husband and i will have to start trying again. Good luck to all of you and cherish the time you have being pregnant.


Belle - March 3

Dear Kimberley, don't give up, it will happen.



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