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Hope - March 21

Ok I am not due to get a/f until 4/1 and for the last week and a half I have been feeling really wierd.... My br___ts are tender, really really tender.. they hurt to touch...along with my sides and my lower back..it hurts to touch them... also I am really bloated and keep getting lots of cramps!! I have been feeling very nauseus and very cranky or moody... I have also been really tired.. my whole body is tired...I just haven't felt quite right.... I wake up early because I feel sick and it doesn't go away for most of the day...but my body is so sore and tired...especially my chest... I have also been a little dizzy.... does anyone think I could be pregnant or would it be too early to tell?


pinkprincess - March 21

Hmm sounds like sumthings happening? depends when u ovulate, when u had s_x? how many days post-ov is it? I feel the same period due 22nd finger X.... how long u been ttc


Hope - March 21

I ovulate sometime between the 9th and the 113th I think... honestly don't know how to tell... but we probably had s_x each of those days.. almost everyday after my a/f (sorry if that is too much info)... I haven't been really ttc... I have been using the pull-out method.... but I do want a baby... My temp has also been higher than usual lately.. It is usually 97.5-97.7 and now it has been 98.3-99.0... could that indicate anything also? See I want to test but I know it is way too early... I am not due of a/f for a week and a half and this has been happening for more than and week and a half.. I never get sore b___sts or cramps until a day or two before my a/f....


Grandpa Viv - March 21

On a normal cycle you would not feel any signs of pregnancy until a week or so before AF. You have had signs for 2.5 weeks before AF. If you are pg. it must be that you ovulated almost as soon as your last period was finished. That's not likely, but not impossible. You have lots of pg. signs - just make sure they are not from a bug. Take your first home test next weekend - it's earlier than normally suggested, but you may have got pg. earlier too. Good luck!



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